It is easy to say, “Forgive others who had hurt you”, but in reality it is very difficult. You cannot forgive a man who has abused you and hurt you badly. Is it possible to forgive a man who has killed your little daughter or a man who has raped your wife? I can understand how much anger and resentment you will have for such persons. When someone whom you trust has betrayed you, can you be at peace and forgive him? 

It is impossible to forget the painful moments of your life when you have been betrayed or hurt by someone you love or trusted. It is very hard to just let them go without making them realize what they have done to you. It is so painful to forgive a person who has totally damaged you. 

Any man who engages in violent actions has some sort of resentment in life. For the sake of overcoming his dissatisfaction, he tries to hurt you physically, break your belongings, and damage your feelings. Most of the criminals have admitted that it was due to intense emotion that they have committed the offence. Not anyone who is emotional will realize what they speak or do to others. After some time they will certainly feel remorse for their action. Even the most criminal man will feel guilt for his act when time passes on.

Time is the best healer. People tend to forget things as years roll by. The wife who is grieving for the death of her husband will come back to normalcy after a period. You have to go on with your life and remember there should be some meaning for your living.

Analyze yourself and gather your strength to forgive. A weak man can never forgive others. If you are strong inside, you can do good-things to a person who has hurt you. Think that person as a child in your mind. Then it becomes easy to forgive them. Do not rehearse about the past, which may induce anger in you. Stay away from the past and live only in the present. You can get over the anger when you let go off your past.

Do you believe that you will get peace in reciprocating your anger on the same person? No, it is not true. By developing the anger and resentment against someone, you are damaging the health. Instead, try forgiveness. Though it may not be possible practically, you train yourself to forgive them. Try to forgive the man who has harmed you. After some time you will have complete peace.

You can forgive anyone for your peace and not for their benefit. Think whether any action from your side has hurt others. Are you ready to forgive you in case you have committed mistakes? If you can forgive yourself, it becomes easy to forgive others.

Ventilate your feelings. In daily life, it is not possible to control your anger when someone disobeys you or cross his limit. Write in a paper what you want to tell them, hurt them for their action, and tear it or burn the paper.

In this context, you need not be friendly with the person who have insulted you or abused you. By forgiving the person you will stay peace and happy. If you sincerely wish for their healing then you can get peace and heal within yourself. Learn to forgive others and this act will make them realize their mistakes.