When is wearing Formal Ball Gowns appropriate

The 'year end dinner' is one of the most awaited occasions at your workplace and receiving an invitation to this event stirs up emotions, like thrill, anxiousness and pleasure. Being invited to such an event, a few things you should find out before setting up on your wardrobe.

First thing you should find out is the venue, would it be indoors or outdoors. This will definitely influence your choice of clothes. You wouldn't like to be left in the cold with a light jacket standing outside; your whole evening is ruined. Secondly, enquire about the theme of the event - will it be formal, semi-formal or casual? Wearing a Formal Ball gown when it is not a Formal gathering is a serious embarrassment.

However, dressing up in casual clothes and everyone comes in Tuxedoes and Formal Ball gowns, is a situation you wouldn't want to place yourself in. Find out also about any other themes such as 'Hippies era' or 'Romantic couples through the ages', cause ordering or making your own clothes for this themes can take long and more thorough preparation is required.

Remember that when looking for the perfect outfit the most important thing is you're comfortable in it. Dressing up in a breathtaking Formal Ball gown for the evening just to make an impression on your colleagues is a wrong decision. If you're at ease in wearing a low halter neck gown with high heels and a tiara ensemble, then do it. But if you're not comfortable with those ensemble and dread falling flat on your face if you misstep, or when bending down your halter neck reveals more than you like, then select a less extravagant but still elegant and formal dress.

The most important point is enjoy the event and be yourself. Dressing up in a Formal Ball gown could not change who you are as a person and you shouldn't allow it.