Turbocharge Your Web Form Development

Formidable Plus Table ExampleCredit: Javrsmith

Formidable Plus is the new WordPress plugin that is the best thing to happen to the content management world since the release of the Formidable Pro plugin. Formidable Plus adds a sophisticated table data type to the set of fields that can be included on HTML forms. An extensive range of table options gives great control to the web designer, all without any programming.

In the past, HTML forms required an extensive amount of programming, usually with more than one technical tool. The form and fields needed to be coded in HTML with additional script codes for data validation. If the field input was stored in a database, SQL table definitions, interface and queries would be needed as well. Formidable Pro was released to change the standard coding needs of forms into a simple web edit procedure. Programming was no longer required when an Internet form was needed on a WordPress page. Database table definitions were not required either. Instead, the web designer is given a custom form creation screen that easily allows the form to be created, the fields to be positioned and options to be selected, all with the mouse. Advanced form handling options were controlled by additional options, again with no programming.

The advanced form table building tool, Formidable Plus includes input fields for text, select and radio boxes, file uploads and more. Missing from the plugin was the ability to specify table data elements. The Formidable Plus plugin adds this element to the designer screen. As with the other form creation fields, the table type is simply deposited on the web form with a mouse click. The web designer then types in the names of the columns that will receive user responses. Formidable Plus allows a spreadsheet type of table to be created with column headings and specific rows for user data. For example, a table can be made that asks for status updates for a series of tasks. The rows could be declared as different times.

The table data field also has the ability to act as a quick entry mechanism of repeating items such as contact names. Many companies have the need to gather sales leads into a database. This task is easily accomplished with Formidable Plus. The WordPress administrator merely defines the column names for the desired data and purposefully omits row information. This enables the page viewer to add their own data in each of the table fields. For example, a table could be designed with column headings for Date, Customer Name, Phone Number and a notes field. The person using the form could then quickly add lists of sales contacts into the table. As usual, there is no programming necessary to enable the table field to be implemented.

Formidable Pro form with multiple Formidable Plus tablesCredit: Javrsmith

As with all Formidable Pro forms, those using the new table data entry field can be used as is or as part of a larger WordPress page. This allows the administrator to control where the Internet forms are displayed. For example, the site "Contact Us" page could have a form which allows viewers to leave any relevant comments. This form could also include a table allowing the viewer to record a series of multiple responses to the site. Similarly, the "About Us" page could include a form with a Formidable Plus table displaying such organizational information as the public telephone list. Since the form is defined in Formidable Pro, with no programming, such a feature can be implemented quickly.

While Formidable Plus table fields do not require programming for implementation, those WordPress administrators that can write code will be pleased to note that the table data is fully accessible with a program. This can be useful for tables that contain columns of numbers. A simple program can be written to automatically calculate the sum of items in a column and to display this result on the form.  Programmers can also easily add code to their system that allows viewers to navigate around the Formidable Plus table using the arrow keys. Such functionality is a natural feature that users will appreciate. The code is simply added to one of the WordPress site PHP files using the built-in editor.

WordPress administrators have come to realize that the content management system is the best way to control web site data. The reason is simple - WordPress works easily and quickly to handle the needs of the administrator. There is little need to spend hours coding intricate programs. The system is designed to accept, categorize and display content on the Internet. Standard WordPress has lacked the ability to accept varying kinds of input from the site viewers. Simple user comments were accepted , but little else. Those administrators who wanted to obtain detailed information from users were forced to write complicated HTML forms, by hand. The Formidable Pro plugin has simplified the process of Internet form development. The utility gives administrators an easy to use editor that allows forms to be designed with the same ease as any WordPress page. Productivity is immediately boosted. Administrators can use Formidable Pro to craft input complex forms that would have taken many hours of arduous coding in the past. Formidable Plus extends the form building capabilities by activating a table data entry field.

WordPress administrators now have extremely capable form building tools when they install both the Formidable Pro and Formidable Plus plugins. These allow the administrator to design forms for nearly any purpose, complete with data validation, post form actions and viewer spam control. Responses are stored in database tables. Standard data elements, such as state of residence, can be selected from reference tables. This speeds user interaction with the form and reduces errors. Formidable Plus gives designers an easy to use table field that works well, runs quickly and requires no programming.

The key to increased productivity, reducing errors and boosting WordPress functionality, is gained with the installation of Formidable Pro and Formidable Plus plugins. For the combined total of $49, WordPress administrators gain a degree of control that exceeds other custom systems that cost thousands more. By using the features of the plugins even once, the administrator will save many, many hours of labor. Even at the lowest programming labor rates, it is clear that a single form developed with Formidable Pro and Formidable Plus will easily save more money than the cost of the plugins. These are likely the best WordPress plugins to install on a working system when an administrator considers the long term benefits that they provide.