Deviant behaviors


There are many forms of deviant behaviors or indiscipline among students.  As said earlier, what is deviancy in the context of one society may be acceptable in another society.  Thus, deviant behaviors among people vary in their various forms in many cultures, yet their similarities have also been noticed across socio-cultural settings.  The various forms of deviancy are discussed below.

 PSYCHO-SOCIAL FORMS OF DEVIANCE: The psycho-social form of deviant behavior includes all the dimension of anti-social behaviors. They are so considered because they negate the established norms for the promotion of peace and order within the community.  These forms of deviant behaviors include: lying, jealousy, envy, unhealthy competitions and comparison, disobedience, gossiping and whispering, rudeness, pride, arrogance, pomposity, and truancy.  These forms of deviance are very common features of deviant behaviors among school children and young adults in the society. 

CRIMINAL FORMS OF DEVIANCE: A good number of deviant behaviors among adolescents in and out of the school system fall under criminal forms.  This has been so described because of the gravity of the behaviors and their significant departure from that which is normal and acceptable in both the school community and the larger society.  They are considered as great offences against societal laws and hence must be repressed and controlled in accordance with the established rules and regulations within the school system and the laws within the larger society.

Examples of criminal deviance are burglary, suicide, cheating during examination, stealing, forgery, assault, fraud, fighting, abortion and wanton destructive behaviors among students in the educational system and the societies they live in.  Criminal offences are those offences that require prompt attention because of their harmful nature. They are destructive to life and property where exhibited without control.

MORAL FORMS OF DEVIANCE: Moral deviance is defined as a pronounced deviation from society’s moral values. Moral deviance is behaviors that negate the moral norms in a society.  They are quite rampant among school children and teenagers. Some of the moral forms of deviance which are of great concern for parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists and the government include: sexual perversions, alcoholism, drug abuse and drug misuse, rape and cigarette smoking, to mention but a few.

PERSONALITY FORMS OF DEVIANCE: The personality forms of deviance originate in the individual.  They have been so classified because the behavior so displayed undermines the norms of normal and healthy personality.  The individual’s reactions create disorder and discomfort for himself and other in the school and community.  Some of these forms of deviance include those of aggression or hostility, temper tantrums, sociopath personality, inferiority complex etc. The various forms of deviances discussed above could be managed by professional counselors with the assistance of the principal, parents and teachers.