Abbott, formally known as Abbott Laboratories has initiated a voluntary recall of its Similac powdered baby formula due to the possibility of insect parts. It is effective for the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and a few Carribean countries. The recall was initiated after a quality review indicated there was a possibility of beetle or larvae parts the powdered formula. The insects were found in an area of a factory in Stugis, MI. The contaminated products include 8 oz., 12.4 oz., and 12.9 oz powdered containers of Similac.

As a parent with a child on Similac with a recalled can previously sitting right on my counter, it is actually disgusting to think about the fact that my one month old baby could have been eating bugs. Now, the FDA says that babies that have ingested the possibly contaminated formula are in no immediate danger, just the possibility of an upset stomach. However, what are the possibilities of an allergy to the bug parts? This comes four years after another massive recall of Similac liquid formula because of an insufficient amount of vitamin C. I would not be as concerned with a lack of vitamin C in the formula as I am with the presence of insect parts. Also, insects carry germs. It does not indicate what the possibility is that the insect can cause any other illnesses it can be carrying, or does it?

Formula is very expensive. When I am paying $20+ for a product, you would expect to get quality every single time. To me, lack in quality twice in 4 years on such an important product is a little hard to swallow for me. It seems to me that this could have been prevented well before 5 million cans were put out with better and more frequent quality assurance measures. Infants digestive systems are very sensitive, and my son has been especially sensitive since birth. With my son being a month old, I wonder if this has anything to do with his constant spitting up.

The brighter side of this is that the manufacturing company itself again stepped up and took action instead of letting it slide and trying to keep it a secret. They are losing millions of dollars as a result of taking accountability, but the companies willing to do that seem to be coming more and more rare. When I called the company's 800 number for the recall on their website, they were more than apologetic and very responsive.

I have to give them credit for taking such swift action and taking a bit hit on not only their reputation, but also their pocketbook by recalling such an incredible amount of formula. The big question is what are people planning on doing now?

Well, personally, I have always wanted to experiment with a generic brand of formula for my son. I look at the ingredients and they look very comparable, and I can save a few bucks if it works out well. If it doesn't, then hopefully it will be alright for him until Similac gets everything straightened out. If I hear about any improvements to their quality assurance process, I will heavily consider putting him back onto Similac. After all, they are a premium brand for a reason.

If you were like me and got stuck with one of these containers of formula, full information is available on the Similac website, .