One of the greatest things about fortune teller costume ideas is that there are so many directions that you can go with them! You can be the gypsy fortune teller, the one that uses tarot cards, or the one that gives people fortunes that are written down on a small piece of paper; the possibilities are nearly endless. This article is designed to provide you with 2 different ways to dress up as a fortune teller for this Halloween; one is a cheap and do it yourself version, and the other is a relatively easy (but more expensive) option.

I scavenged through the pages of Halloween and costume websites for hours before writing this, and literally sorted through nearly 100 different fortune teller costume ideas; this piece of writing is my summary of all that I have read regarding dressing up as a fortune teller!

DIY Fortune Teller Costume Idea-Use Your Wardrobe And Some Accessories

This first option will cost you the least, but will also require you to use a variety of costume accessories. In addition, you may already have some of these wardrobe items and costume accessories in your closet, which would decrease the price of using these fortune teller costume ideas even more! Above all, one of the main benefits of creating a DIY fortune teller costume with these accessories is that you will get to customize nearly every aspect of the costume; this will make your Halloween costume stand out from anybody else that decides to wear something similar. Please consider these accessories:

Tarot CardsGolden Tarot Deck Of Tarot CardsCredit:

Every fortune teller seems to use something different to determine the fortune of the person that is in front of them; however, tarot cards seem to be some of the most popular accessories for the fortune teller costume ideas that are found throughout the internet. You can choose to simply carry around a few tarot cards, or the whole pack; however, I would highly recommend reading up on how to read tarot cards prior to going out for Halloween.

I don’t mean that you should become a professional fortune teller overnight; but rather, simply get an idea of what some of the symbols mean within the tarot cards. By doing this, you will really impress people with the Halloween costume that you are wearing, as well as the fortune telling knowledge that you have acquired!

Crystal Ball8 Inch Solid Crystal Ball For A Fortune Teller CostumeCredit:

I believe that crystal balls were used more often in the past than they are now; only the retro fortune teller costume ideas utilize a crystal ball. Many people are sceptical about somebody telling them their fortune, and the fortune teller looking into a blank crystal ball promotes that scepticism.

Choosing to incorporate a crystal ball into your Halloween costume is a great idea if you are going to a Halloween party at a house; however, it may not be a good idea when you are heading somewhere that you must be standing for a long while.

Gypsy Costume JewelleryGypsy Costume Jewellery Set-Earrings And NecklaceCredit:

In the past, almost all fortune tellers were gypsies; that was how they made their living and supported their children. This is why all of the fortune teller costume ideas that you find will involve some gold earrings and bracelets. The one great thing about gypsy costume jewellery is that they are rather inexpensive. A package of fortune teller jewellery (like the one shown on the right) only costs about $10 on Amazon.

This Halloween costume jewellery may be relatively inexpensive, but it will make you much more recognizable as being dressed up as a fortune teller for Halloween. Moreover, being easily recognizable is one of the key factors of a good Halloween costume!

Be sure to check out the gypsy costume jewellery on Amazon being sold at ridiculously low prices...These packages of costume jewellery are perfect for any Halloween party, and some are being discounted at up to 60% off of their original price!

Vibrant DressFortune Teller Costume With Dress And HeadpieceCredit:

This is the costume accessory that the majority of women will be able to save some money on! Women’s closets are filled with dresses that they have only worn once or twice; dressing up for Halloween is the perfect opportunity to use those dresses a few more times.  When it comes to the cheapest fortune teller costume ideas, using your own clothes is the key to success; it can cut the cost of the Halloween costume in half!

Take a look through your closet, and find a vibrant dress that sort of looks like a gypsy dress; you can pair that dress up with the other fortune teller costume accessories that are listed throughout this article to complete the DIY costume!

Colorful HeadpieceGypsy Gold Headpiece With Dangling CoinsCredit:

This is the least necessary out of all of the costume accessories that you have read about; however, it will simply add to the overall effect of the costume. Fortune tellers can easily be mistaken for other characters, so all of the accessories are crucial!

To make a DIY fortune teller headpiece you must simply take a piece of colourful fabric, and wrap it around your head. Try to find a piece of fabric that will be long enough to have a small piece hanging from the back of your head. Simply tie the headpiece, and you will look like a fortune teller!

Easiest Fortune Teller Costume Ideas-A Complete Costume Set On Amazon For About $40Zoraidar Adult Fortune Teller Halloween CostumeCredit:

This entire article was focused on women dressing up as fortune tellers for Halloween; however, the truth of the matter is that this specific Halloween costume was meant for men and women to wear! The pro to buying a complete fortune teller costume set is that it is extremely easy to set up, and the con is that it will cost you significantly more!

There are two specific fortune teller costume ideas listed throughout this article, and 5 costume accessories that can be used with those ideas. Going out for Halloween is a fun thing; however, most people encounter a lot of stress when looking for a costume to wear. This article was written to alleviate that stress by providing people with a few easy ways to dress up as a fortune teller for their next Halloween party! Aside from choosing or creating a costume, you must remember to take part in your character’s personality; become the fortune teller!