The mystical and magical is lauded during the fall because of Halloween and the investigation of all mystical and spiritual concepts during this time. Many people choose to have a fortune teller at their fall festival events as an enjoyable, low-key way to explore the realm of magic. When setting up a fortune telling booth or room, it is important to have a certain amount of advanced preparation to provide the correct atmosphere to the event. 


Card Reading

Card reading is one of the main hallmarks of a fortune teller. A fortune teller has a special deck of cards that she uses to “see” the fortune and future of the guests. Many party stores sell tarot card decks for use at parties and other events. Come up with fortunes ahead of time to match certain cards so that you can sound official when presenting the fortune. You can also use the instructions that come with the cards to try and read them according to tradition. 


Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are used by fortune tellers and witches to see the future of the person with the fortune teller. Since crystal balls cannot actually tell the future, it is important to have several fortunes ahead of time to tell each guest. Make sure the fortunes are light-hearted and uplifting to the guests, especially if they are children. Come up with favorable fortunes, such as “you will be wealthy” or “love is in your future.”


Palm Reading

Palm reading is another favorite activity of fortune tellers. According to the art of palm reading, you can accurately predict someone’s future by the lines on their hands. There are many books on the topic if you want to use a more realistic approach during the event, or you can make up information as you go along. As with the other fortune telling methods, it is important to have a few key phrases memorized to present to each guest.



Fortune tellers can wear different costumes to represent the art from around the world. A Voodoo fortune teller should wear tattered Victorian costumes, skull earrings, a turban and a large shawl. A Gypsy fortune teller should wear bright clothing, a headscarf and large gold hoop earrings. An Indian fortune teller should wear a traditional Sari, with a turban or scarf around the head. A wizard should wear a pointed hat and flowing cape. You can also use elements of style from other cultures as well to create an authentic gypsy costume.