What fun to go into business for yourself. It's creative, theatrical, and requires no training. You can amaze your friends. Be the life of the party. Do one on one sessions or perform for an audience. You decide if you want a fancy stage name or use your own. Pick your schtick. Tarot cards are creepy fun, a crystal ball can be good, or wing it with the other worldly helpers. The important thing is to look the part. Start dressing in purple and black with head scarves.

Things You Will Need

If you want to read tea leaves, you'll need some nice tea cups with a matching pot. If you are going to read palms, there's less out lay. But a velvet table cloth is a good touch. Create a persona of mystery. My personal favorite device for fortune telling is cards. You can use a plain deck or invest in a Tarot deck. The pictures are better on a tarot deck. Pictures and scenes help you flesh out a story for the person whose fortune you are reading.

Step 1

People go to a fortune teller for a number of reasons: love, money or health. Cast around generally to see which one it is. If it's a young person, it's usually love, and sick person usually health, and so on. Start with a vague statement like, "I see a difficult time. . ."let the person take the bait or not. If they look blank cast around in another direction, "A man is trying to send us a message. . . " usually if they take the bait they will willingly start filling in details for you. For example, they will reply, "A man! How amazing, I just had to call a plumber before I got here, and I haven't told anyone that! No one at all!"

Step 2

Once you've got the person feeding you information it's pretty easy to fill in the blanks. Just be careful of saying anything negative or mean. For example, if they are looking for love, it's safe to tell them a mate is on the way. You don't have to get specific on dates and times. If someone they love has just passed on, it's safe to say that person has a "message." The message, of course, is that they love you, are happy where they are etc. etc.

I would hesitate to say anything too negative because you don't want to start with the dangerous mojo. One time I was walking down the street in Honolulu and a gypsy offered to read my palm for ten dollars. Thinking it was harmless fun I gave her the ten. She proceeded to tell me a curse had been laid on my family, but for a mere hundred bucks she could remove it. Seeing my distaste, she implored me. "The money is only for the candles, you know." She said she had to "pray" off the curse. She claimed she was doing all the actual work for free. I declined to pay her. As I left I hoped she wasn't putting a curse on me.

Step 3

To sound more authentic you can throw in a couple double statements. These are statements where you cover all your bases but stating both sides to an issue. For example you say something like, "I see you enjoy being around people, but sometimes you like to be alone." Or another good one is, "You can be very generous when you feel like it." For some reason this makes people feel like you know "special" information about them. They get all impressed and put more merit into your pronouncements.

Step 4

If you are going to give specific advice be nice about it. For example suggest a lonely women search for love at the church you've already figured out she attends. Do NOT suggest they start going to church if they never have before, it can back fire on you. You don't want to control people so much, as give them their ten bucks worth of smoke and mirrors. Play it up! Have fun with it.
If you must say something negative I have found the safest pronouncement is the most generic one. Tell them they are going to make the same mistakes again, not once but over and over again. That would be true where you were prophetic or not.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure an disclaim. Fortune telling is for entertainment purposes only, and you should by all means be as entertaining as possible. You are not there to rip people off, you are there to perform the same as any stage actor.