Resealable Bags with Multiple Purpose

Reusable Sandwich Bags and More

What is tough, reusable and economical? Resealable plastic bags, often just referenced as Ziploc Bagthe 'zip lock bags'  win the prize! Any brand of plastic storage bag participates in the award. The ubiquitous, resealable bags come in varied sizes, colors, and types of closures at the top. Be sure to check out the newer sizes from extra small to very large. No matter the specifications, the ways to use the plastic marvels are almost unlimited. Let the counting of great uses begin with a list of forty favorites.

Few items offer the versatility for travel, home and kid use like the resealable plastic bag. Consider all the sizes available and think of plastic resealable bags for:


  1. Packing a few crayons and travel activities for the little travelers
  2. Securing passports, maps, and important trip itineraries
  3. Carrying along varied snack packs
  4. Safeguarding against spills in luggage by securing liquids
  5. Taking along empty larger bags to pack worn clothing from fresh in the suitcase as the trip progresses
  6. Storing all carry-on liquids when flying to get through security (1 quart size or smaller)
  7. Toting all those chargers and cords needed for the trip
  8. Separating a day's clothing together (SUPER for children's outfits in particular!)
  9. Putting together an emergency kit with emergency sewing thread and needles, bandages, aspirin
  10. Sealing off shoes from clothes
  11. Taking along a few empty bags for wet items such as swimsuits
  12. Collecting things such as seashells (taking along some 'empties')
  13. Sorting and storing medicines (separated by person if multiple people traveling)
  14. Storing any loose, powdery items such as makeup that could pen and give powdery 'rain' to purse or luggage

Around the House

  1. Kneading dough without the mess
  2. Storing pantyhose of varied colors or type (putting box flattened on to find)
  3. Removing chewing gum from carpet or fabric by filling bag with ice and rubbing gum until hardened and easily removed
  4. Freezing homemade soups (laying bag flat for space-saving)
  5. Creating a mending kit with small scissors, multi-colored threat and needles, maybe a few buttons
  6. Breaking up crackers or cookies into crumbs for recipes by hitting with palm of hand or rolling-pin
  7. Storing wrapping supplies
  8. Sorting and storing all varieties of screws, nuts, bolts
  9. Storing away seasonal clothes
  10. Storing silver jewelry to keep it brighter
  11. Packing all associated cords, chargers, and paraphernalia for each electrical device
  12. Cleaning a shower head by removing it and placing in white vinegar in bag overnight
  13. Freezing herbs gathered at the end of the season for winter use
  14. Creating an ice pack for injuries
  15. Meat marinades
  16. Using as a piping bag after snipping of a bit of a corner, filling with icing or deviled egg mixture, and then piping
  17. Using as a funnel for pouring liquids by snipping off a corner
  18. Wet umbrella storage
  19. Storage of costumes and accessories 
  20. Making and storage of potpourri (just a few leaves, dried fruit peel, twigs, or small outside elements sprinkled with essential oil of choice)
  21. Storing seasonal items

Especially for the Kids

  1. Sorting and storage of toy pieces of all types such as puzzles, Lego's, doll clothes
  2. Arts and crafts storage including varied types of pens and markers
  3. Toting along a big empty version for a make-do changing mat when on the go
  4. Making and storing homemade wipes (just flat paper towels, dampened with water and a bit of baby oil added)
  5. Emergency barf bag

The list continues on! Oh, and users, do not forget. Of course, storing sandwiches and leftover foods, the original intended purpose for the resealable plastic bag, stays true today as a marvelous use. Remember that the resealable bags are also reusable.  The  resealable, reusable plastic zip bags are  a 'best buy' of every season.