Forums are really a great place to market your products for one main reason: they are a place where like-minded people gather to discuss a very specific topic... Talk about niche marketing! It's a great place to find tons of targeted prospects for your products... Think about it this way, let's say you're marketing a personal development product... well, if you were to find a forum or several forums ABOUT personal development, it's the perfect place to meet and interact with potential customers!


Now, we don't want to be spammy in these forums so don't be overly salesman-ish... you want to build a genuine reputation in that forum for helping others and providing value to them.


How can you market these products on a forum, you may be wondering this. Well, most forums allow you to a sig file - also known as a signature file... In this file you can write almost whatever you want and provide a link to the product you are promoting. WARNING: MAKE SURE YOU READ EACH FORUMS RULES BEFORE YOU CREATE YOUR SIG FILE TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO PROMOTE IN YOUR SIG FILE... The reason I warn you of this is because if you're not careful.. you may be promoting in your sig file in a forum that doesn't allow it and you may be accused of spam and even banned from the forum in some cases... Remember, it's a learning experience so be prepared for things like this to happen to you. It's only part of the journey.


What do I recommend you write in your sig file? Well, here's what I do.. I promote affiliate products on forums in my sig files and I use the sig files they provide in their affiliate tools. Think about it... they've spent lots and lots of money to refine and perfect their sig files to see what works best so why not take advantage of all their time and effort? You'll both be benefiting. Here's my best piece of advice though... Instead of directing your readers straight to a sales page of your own product or someone else's page... you should be instead doing like I do - and that's directing them to a squeeze page where you provide free information in exchange for their e-mail address and name. This allows you to build your list... and in internet marketing, listbuilding is EVERYTHING. Everyone agrees in this online world that your list is your biggest asset and also that "the money is in the list".


Remember what Robert Kiyosaki said in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. He said rich people spend their time building ASSETS instead of buying liabilities! An asset, he says, is something that puts money in your pocket month after month. So build your list for god's sake and start making some good money...


Forum marketing is just one of many ways to market your squeeze page and build your list. There are literally hundreds of other ways... why do you want to build a list? Because this way you can market your product to them continuously while providing value to their lives... This way, you'll have more than 1 opportunity to pitch them your product and to build trust... Trust is everything when it comes to people buying something from you - especially online... Also, the biggest benefit is that once they decide to buy your product, you still have their contact information and with the push of a button, you could sell them something else in the future. That's called the back-end. Whereas the front-end would be the initial product you sell to them, the back-end is all the productS you could sell to them in the future. That's where the money is - in the back-end. You have to think about it from a marketer's point of view... do you want to sell them 1 product and never see them again, or do you want to build a profitable relationship with them where you provide real value to their lives and they in return continue to buy products from you!


I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I enjoyed writing about it!