If you have facial hair, don't try to hide it by using thick foundation. All that this will do is make the area look more visible and noticeable because it forms a coating over the hairs. If you need to apply it to the area always make sure that you wipe off the excess foundation with a soft clean tissue. If you have deep lines on your forehead, a good way to help reduce and hide the lines, is with a light translucent foundation which is oil based. This will help in reflecting the light away from the lines which will make them less visible.

If you have put on to much foundation, a good way to fix it is with a clean slightly damp sponge. This is going to help soak up the excess foundation without streaking. Concentrate on the places were the foundation likes to collect, such as the nose, mouth and hairline, press lightly and start dabbing it off your face.

To protect your skin from dryness and clogging its a must that you always apply moisturizer first to provide your skin with a good base to work from. Not only will your skin thank you for it and look healthier and fresher, but your make up foundation is going to last much longer as well.

If you are finding that the skin on your cheeks is dry, a good tip is to use a foundation which is oil based or creamy in texture. This is because it will help to smooth out the dry skin and help prevent peeling and flaking from occurring, but as always moisturize your skin first before you apply the foundation to obtain the best looking results.

Another good tip when applying your foundation is to always open up your mouth as wide as you can. This is because its going to expose your neck which will allow you to start blending in your base over the jawline to avoid any streaks and lines in your make up. Once you have applied the foundation if you are looking to get a dewy look to your skin. Try wetting a cloth with Witch hazel and start gently patting it on to your skin. Witch hazel is a mild astringent and will help to remove the matt finish, but still keep your skin covered and looking and feeling radiant.