Fountains make the environment cool, energetic and healthy. From the beginning of history, historic gardens have included fountains. If you are a traveler, then you may have seen fountains in different hotels or gardens or other official buildings. They come in many varieties varying from Spartan to Rustic, Contemporary to Mythological, and Artistic to Simplistic. Some include a waterfall feature, while others are musical or have illumination effects. If you believe in astrology then there are astrological based fountains too. Some fountains are works of art and others are based on the Feng Shui principles which direct positive energy in your environment and hence increase your motivation levels. There are innumerable other types, but no matter what style appeals to you, there are a few basic accessories that will enhance its beauty.

 One of the best accessories is sprinklers. Yes, you do not need to worry about a landscapist sprinkling your garden, as you may directly regulate it through the fountain. It will circulate the water and hence there is less wastage.

 Lights surrounding the fountain are another effect which will illuminate your fountain with different colors. If they are combined with some music, it will further generate the theme! Let’s say for example in the middle of night, soothing instrumentals or classical music enhances the romance in air, while during dinner it could provide an entertaining aura. During the day it could educate your children with certain nursery rhymes. The fountains can be designed with these features according to your personal needs.

 Lights come in different shades and styles. There are underwater lights and then there are fountain lights. What matters the most is their placement. Well-placed lights can make the water shine and flash at different angles, increasing the attractiveness of the structure. With all the options available to you, it is easy to experiment by changing the lights for different moods and themes.

 You may also use foggers and mysters for an exotic ambience. They can make the area around a fountain appear more mysterious and fascinating. The foggers and mysters also come with certain LED’s and flash lights to enhance the effects.

 What will you do to give your fountain an exotic look? It’s simple. Just design it with polished pebbles, small gnomes, ferns and feathers. Flowering plants also give a small fountain an attractive look. However, if using live foliage, make sure you do not put the fountain under direct sunlight.

 You may also want to own a water fountain cleaning kit. If your garden is surrounded by metallic strips or pebbles then a cleaning kit is a must so that you can clean algae off the pebbles and metallic parts. Major equipment for fountains that collect the water are made from brass and copper which may lose its shine after some time. These components may contaminate water and its surroundings and may be harmful for the nearby plants as well as unhealthy for your children. The cleaning kit may be used regularly or weekly so as to make sure that such contaminants and deposits do not occur.

 Other accessories include an attached sprinkler and rotating crystal ball which move with the flow of water and shine continuously. They give a cheerful ambiance during the night. You may include inflatable cushions for the pool and side chairs to enjoy the fountain effects while sunbathing. You may also get an outdoor table with a sun shade umbrella and chairs for your comfort.

 The fountain accessories not only enhance the effect of your garden but it gives you time for your recreational activities. It will also help keep your garden expenses down, as no extra person will be required to sprinkle it. So enjoy such accessories and make your garden the envy of everyone.