My Experience At The Fountain Grove Inn

My husband and I decided to stay at the Fountain Grove Inn in Sonoma County while vacationing in the gorgeous Sonoma Wine Country. I have to admit that I tend to by picky when it comes to hotel lodging but this place left me very pleased. We booked our reservations at the Fountain Grove Inn nearly a month ahead of time and requested a Deluxe King room. I had seen a few photos of the rooms online, and I had hoped that the actual room we got was as nice as the pictures. The people at the front desk were helpful and friendly and were able to answer all of our questions. We were escorted to our room by a bell hop, whose help was greatly appreciated, considering my penchant for bringing much more luggage than I need to.

I'm pleased to say that the room was gorgeous and I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be even more spacious than I had thought it would be. The room at the Fountain Grove Inn was pleasing to the eye, decorated in gold, light green and orange-red hues. I have always loved earth tones and the decor was clean and looked new. There was a large flat-panel television and generous bedding. This is important to me. There is nothing I hate more than going to a hotel that barely has enough bedding on the bed to pass as bedding. You know the kind that I'm talking about: you climb into bed and instantly have the urge to go back down to the front desk and get extra blankets. There was no need to request extra blankets at the Fountain Grove Inn, the bedding was done right, and the bed looked scrumptious. There were plenty of pillows, piled high which made the bed look all the more luxurious and inviting.

The bathroom was stunning, with it's black granite tiling and counters. As expected, there was no shortage of fluffy towels and washcloths for us to use, and we felt welcomed and comfortable. We unpacked our bags, and laid down on the soft bed. It was heavenly after the long trip to Sonoma County. If we weren't so excited, we probably would have fallen asleep right then and there. Instead, we freshened up and went downstairs to investigate the Fountain Grove Inn a little bit more.

Because we were not familiar with the area, we spoke with the Concierge for a little while. He was one of the most helpful Concierges that I've ever dealt with and seemed to know the Fountain Grove and the surrounding area like the back of his hand. He gave us a couple of great tips for Sonoma County entertainment that we should see while we are in the area, but still recommended that we try dining in the hotel. He said that the food was great and the prices were a bit on the high side, but still reasonable. I could go on and on about my stay at this hotel. I almost always have something to complain about when we travel, but not this time. My time and money that was spent at the Fountain Grove Inn was definitely well spent. I'd do it again in a heartbeat, if we ever end up in the area on a future journey.

Fountain Grove Inn

The Fountain Grove Inn is a 5 star hotel in Sonoma County.