Aside from the aural element, much of the appeal of a fountain is visual. Fountain lights allow that visual appeal to be enjoyed under any conditions both day and night.

Some water features come with fountain lights pre-installed and others can have them added at the owner's discretion. For inside or outside fountains, submerged and neighboring lights are some of the most popular accessories you can buy. They can come with either LED or halogen bulbs to save electricity and come in different hues for various target moods.

Note that some bulbs can be submersed in water and others do not have this feature available.

There are two types you can buy for fountains:

  • Submersible Fountain Lights: These are especially designed to be installed underwater. The submersible bulbs and fixtures come in various shapes, sizes and colors. These submersible lights are expensive as compared with other normal lights and range in price from $10 to $400 and above.
  • Normal Fountain Lights: These are installed above the surface of the water. These are inexpensive with a price range from $3 to $300 depending on how extensive the system you buy is and what type of technology is used in the bulb.

Based on the type of light and focus, they can be grouped into two categories:

  • Halogen lights: These range in price from $30 to $ 1000, depending upon the style selected. These consume high levels of electricity.
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) Bulbs: These are the most popular type due to their efficiency. These are solid bulbs - very durable - and are usually submersible. They range in cost from $60 to $ 1000 and they can last for a very long time.

Things to consider while placing fountain lights in your garden:

  • The one rule in placing fountain lights is to never let them shine directly on the water because they will create a harsh glare. In ponds lights need fairly clear water to be effective.
  •  Murky water blocks too much light and diminishes the effectiveness considerably.
  • If you have fish in your water garden, leave dark areas where they can retreat. Fish need plenty of crevices for refuge. And never illuminate the entire pond, especially at night.
  • Whenever possible, position out-of-water bulbs and fixtures to conceal their housings and cord underneath a deck, behind a rock, or tucked into the foliage of a shrub.
  • Whatever type of bulbs and fixtures you choose be sensitive to its effect on the neighbors. Don't let the lights shine in their windows.
  • Always try to use low voltage fixtures for your fountain.

Some fountain lights are colored or have colored lenses. Adding a color element to one's water fountain can make the water feature quite stunning. Some individuals illuminate their entire gardens at night. This creates a magnificent effect that is both dramatic and enjoyable.

After you have done all the research and gather all the information, the major issue is where to purchase them. You can get them from any shop located in your area providing they carry fountain accessories.