scared of roller coasters

Orlando is a great city for fun in amusement parks. In the area you are able to visit Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and other great parks, but if you are not a fan of roller coasters it you may think that the trip is not worth it. The truth is that though the roller coasters are the most famous ones, you can still have a great time in some of the most exciting rides in the world. Here are the most amazing rides that you can experience in Orlando, Florida without going for a loop.

Mission Space (Epcot Center)

Epcot Center is probably the best place to visit if you do not like big roller coasters or scary drops in your rides, and Mission Space is the best one of them all. It is still recommended that you do not have a medical condition, but you will have a great time in this one. As soon as you step into the building you get the astronaut experience and you are then given your mission assignment depending on your spot. You step into the capsule and strap yourself on and the fun begins. The simulator makes you experience high speeds and even a moment when you feel weightlessness.

The story goes on, and we will not ruin it for you, but Mission Space is not something you should fear. You will want to experience it several times before the day is over.

Test Track (Epcot Center)

Test Track is another great ride for those who do not like roller coasters. It is also at the Epcot Center close to Mission Space. Here you will experience high speeds but no real drops, so Test Track is for those that hate the dropping feeling but do not mind high speeds. If you tried this ride in the past you should know that there have been a few changes from the original model. While 5 years ago the main theme was vehicular safety, today the focus is on car designs. You get to design your own car and add the features you want. They also added a soundtrack with special effects and music which make the time on the track very exciting.

Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man

Comic book fans will love the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. This is a 3D ride which features your favorite web slinger fighting the most famous foes from the Marvel comic books. You start in a car going through the city when Spider-Man jumps on to tell you that you need to get out because it is dangerous and he sets to clear the way. He fights villains the Hobgoblin, Electro, Doctor Octopus, Hydro-Man and Scream. While you are on your way to the Daily Bugle a fight starts to which you get a bit too close to. When you think all is lost, Spider-Man saves the day. This is really one of the best times you can have while in Orlando.

The Simpsons (Universal Studios)

When the Back to the Future Ride was replaced a lot of the people who dislike roller coasters felt they had one less ride to enjoy, but the Simpsons replaced Marty McFly and it has been another great simulator for those of us who love them. “The Simpsons” is a very different ride especially because it puts you in a cartoon world as opposed to a movie like the back to the Future ride did, but that allowed the creators to really make the ride look very good and really funny as well. Great for every fan of The Simpsons.