The fact that you use your feet every single day shows the utter importance of them. 90% of the time, you don’t even notice them as if they are automated. It’s only once you have a problem with your feet that you realise how much you use them. Ranging from a minor annoyance, to an excruciating pain, the toll it can take on your demeanour and life – in most cases, can easily be fixed. The following is 4 common foot problems that everyone has most likely had in their life.

Heel Pain

Planter fasciitis (heel spurs) is the most common cause of heel pain. It is a band of tissue which runs along the heel to the toes. The fact that it usually starts off as a dull pain prevents people from going to get it checked before any significant of damage has occurred, because they see it as something that will go away after a few gentle walks. More often than not, if untreated, it can develop into extreme pain which can even be debilitating.Podiatry - ankle sprain / pain

Symptoms can occur when a person’s activity level is increased or even if you have a little more weight on you which add to the pressure on your foot. Special insoles are the best treatment because they take the strain off the part which causes that pain, giving your foot time to heal.

Arch Pain

The arches in your feet are the primary absorption structures for the body, so it is understandable this pain arises so frequently with people. Just a few of the causes include: Being overweight, overuse or training incorrectly.

If you catch the pain early on, the cure is usually that standard rest, ice and compression. But if the pain has become unbearable or the measures above have not worked, you can buy over-the-counter medication including Tylenol, aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen.

Ankle Pain

Injuries are the main cause of ankle pain, with sprains being at the top of the list. Sprains usually occur when there has been a previous problem with that area, since it can partially or even fully tear the ligament, leaving it forever weaker and prone to problems in the future.

Like arch pain, the majority of cases can be fixed with rest, ice and compression. But if the ligament has been fully torn, then you will need surgery, which can be an expensive event. So it is best to properly warm up before exercise to prevent any tears.

Morton’s Neuroma

Firstly, a neuroma is an abnormal growth of nerve tissue. You may have Morton’s neuroma if you feel tingling, burning or numbness in the balls of your feet. It is usually caused by your toes being squished to the end of your shoe, including high heels for all you ladies out there.

The most obvious form of prevention is to stop wearing shoes that cause discomfort for your toes. The other is to maintain an ideal weight to minimise pressure.