Like many of us here on the internet, chances are, you probably have a blog. You probably have a few interesting posts but they're hidden in a sea of sponsor ads or poor layouts. A blog is very much like having a home or office. A chaotic home or office is the same as a chaotic blog page. Organized furniture and files makes a person feel better. Now, this doesn't mean you have to strip your blog or home of creativeness. All you need to do is find a good balance, while staying true to your personality. The end result will reflect your efforts. However, this may sound easier said than done. Here are a few tips that would make any blog an achievement.


Have a creative header

                I realized that a header is one of the most important elements of a blog. It is the attention grabber that sits at the front page of your blog. A good header lets its reader get a feel of the blog's contents. First impression is key. The same concept can be applied to a home or office. A messy doorway or reception area is a good predictor that the inside will be the same as well. If you are not design savvy, don't be worried. There are professional artists available on the internet to create custom headers for a fairly low fee. Shop around good one that fits your personality.


Show your personality

                Don't compromise your style. Your blog, much like your home or office, represents you. Though pre-made templates may seem tempting, they are not unique. Create something  you will like the first time around. When you are ready, you can always tweak the font colors or sizes, or where you want your widgets. Don't just use a template you think is beautiful just because it's beautiful. Readers will soon realize that it does not belong with the rest of your material.


Picture this

                Imagine walking into a friend's house and not seeing any pictures of the family or friends they're always talking about. What do they really look like? What about walking into a doctor's office and not seeing any certificates. Where are their credentials? Visual images are very comforting an assuring. It makes the surrounding material more interesting! Though a text heavy blog post is informational, it is awfully boring. However, this does not mean flooding your blog with pictures. A minimum of one picture per post is sufficient. Sooner or later, you will get into a habit of always inserting a picture.


Make it easy to navigate

                Though a nice layout with beautiful images is very easy on the eyes, don't forget navigation. What's the use of having beautiful furniture, if they only block the doorways? We need to find appropriate places to put our material, much like putting a beautiful mahogany coffee table next to its matching chair set.  Also, remember organize material in an easily accessible manner. Make sure that links or widgets such as "about me", comment box, blog archive is easy to find. If you think it's hard enough assessing you own blog, then it's time to make a few adjustments.


                Designing a blog should be a fun and developing process. Find out what works for you and others though trial and error. Spend a little time bettering your blog. The effort you put in will be appreciated.