Our planet is in danger. We have been hearing this for a long time from activists and politicians, but what are we doing to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We might think that because we are not using the same amount of energy and water that big industries are using, our actions won't make much of a difference.

What we don't take in account is the fact that if a large group of people each make a small difference it all adds up to a big difference.


The first thing we can do to have an impact on our carbon footprint is to reduce our power and water consumption. Use power efficient appliances that will save your electricity usage and low-energy light bulbs. Switch of lights that you are not using and turn all your appliances off when you are not using them.

Most televisions and other appliances consume electricity whilst in stand by mode. You can also turn down the heat in the winter months and switch off the fans and air-conditioning in the summer months. Rather open windows and allow the fresh breeze to enter your home.

Travel in your car only if you can't walk there. Walking helps save the planet and it's also good exercise. During winter months you can turn down the temperature of your freezer, since the weather is cooler you will be saving on your electricity bill.


Repairing your property instead of throwing it out will help reduce our landfills. Buy quality products that will last you a long time and when they do break, try to fix it or have it fixed. Fixing a television before throwing it out and replacing it can also save you a lot of money. The same goes for stereos, lawnmowers and your fridge.


Most waste on landfills does not need to be there. Recycling will only be effective if everyone joins in. Separate your trash and find out where you can have it recycled.

In most areas you will find that your city council have partnered with a company who will pick up your recycled trash outside your door. To find out how to separate your trash contact your local council or ask a friend who is already recycling.


The next time you want to throw something out, ask yourself if you might be able to use that item for something else. We have a habit of simply throwing out what we don't need without thinking that it can save us money and the environment by using it for something else.

If you have clothes you want to toss out, you can use it as a cleaning rag or sell it to a pawn shop. When buying you can also save and help the environment by buying second hand items. It might not look brand spanking new, but if it does the job and is half the price, you can save a bundle of money.

Next time you want to buy something or throw something in the garbage, think about the 4 R's to saving our planet and make a difference.