California car accidents are not uncommon these days. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2009 alone, almost 4,000 people were killed due to California traffic accidents. With the prevalence of automobile accidents in the State, it is necessary for Californians to know the basic facts about personal injury claims.

The following are answers to commonly asked questions regarding California car accidents and personal injury claims:

1. Should I get a lawyer for my car accident case?

Even though it is not required to hire a personal injury lawyer because you can deal with the insurance company by yourself, it is still much advisable for you to hire one. Many automobile accident insurance companies trick accident victims by offering them low and unjust payments, which is why having an expert attorney who can negotiate with insurers is deemed necessary. A Los Angeles injury lawyer can effectively deal with even the toughest insurer for the purpose of providing his client with deserved amount of compensations.

2. What damages can I recover?

Since every vehicle accident claim is unique, it is safe to say that each claimant can receive different forms of compensations depending on the circumstances. If the accident victim is an employee who was obligated to stop from working due to his car accident injuries, he may be entitled to hospitalization and medication damages and loss of income damages. If the victim has sustained emotional distress, he may be eligible to receive pain and suffering damages.

Accident victims are advised to keep all documents necessary for proving the expenses they incurred due to the accident to successfully and conveniently claim for deserved amount of compensations.

3. When should I file the claim?

Car accident claims in California should be filed as soon as possible to avoid delays and forfeit. The State of California’s statute of limitation for car accident claims is two years from the accident or the discovery of injuries due to the accident. Hence, California car accident victims are advised to file their claims as soon as possible; otherwise, their claim will not be entertained by insurance companies and even trial courts when the prescribed period for filing has lapsed already.

4. How much should I pay my lawyer?

In Los Angeles, majority of Los Angeles attorneys charge their clients via contingency fee basis. This means that when the case is settled, the client will provide his attorney with a pre-determined and agreed portion of the won amount of settlement.

California car accident victims should be equipped with appropriate legal and practical knowledge to preserve their rights as personal injury victims; otherwise, they will not get their deserved amount of injury payments.

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