Four Great Places To Live As A Travel Nurse


Four Great Cities To Be a Travel Nurse

Travel Nursing is an exciting way to see the United States, or the remainder of world for that matter. Acquire new skills, meet incredible folks, and have adventures which will become stories to tell for several years. However before you embark on your journey as a travel nurse, you have got to think about where you might want to go first.

The Pay

Some of the best paying travel jobs are in the western USA, California, Washington, and Arizona. These states supply contracts that pay more than the national average and supply better than average locations to go to. The draw back is that in some of these locations the town is terribly troublesome to manage due to crime or negligence, some of the hospitals nurses are employed you may face hostility on the way into your assignment. other factors include weather, demographics, and recreation.

While pay in the western US traditionally tends to be higher doesnt mean that it's invariably higher. Florida and some other geographical area have better than average pay. The middle of the country is traditionally at the lower end of the pay scale. However dont let cash be the one factor in your decision, other intangibles like economy, climate, and extracurricular activities are important to consider.

Who Will You Travel With

Are you traveling alone, with a spouse, dog, or youngsters ? Each town in America is unique in its own way, thats what makes America nice right ? Some cities are bicycle friendly, some are pet friendly. Some places supply a good deal of attractions and outside activity, are you a person who loves golf ? Then Arizona may the place for you. Do you love outdoors activities ? Then Colorado, California, or Washington can be an honest place to live for a brief term contract.

If you are traveling with a spouse take their opinion into consideration. If you are a couple that thrives on going out for dinner and dancing, then you wont need to take an assignment in an exceedingly sleepy little town. If you and your spouse get pleasure from quiet quiet evenings then take the sleepy town assignment. Make an inventory of what you might need wherever you would go and what you would do once there. By doing some analysis beforehand you will save yourself a good deal of disappointment over lack of recreational options.

Believe it or not some cities are very pet friendly, for instance, plenty of towns in Arizona and New Mexico allow you to take your pet with you just about anywhere. Some cities have extensive dog play parks, specific days to take your pet out on the town, and many miles of nature trails to explore.

Four Great Places To Be A Travel Nurse

Northern Arizona, Cottonwood, Sedona, Prescott Valley area
This area is situated halfway between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon. Abundance of gorgeous landscapes, pretty weather, and fine folks. This area may not pay the best in the nation however the quality of life is excellent and plenty of opportunities for eating, living, and recreation.

Albuquerque, New Mexico
This hidden gem of a town is again about average in pay scale, however it contains a whole slew to offer. three hundred days of sunshine annually, tolerable weather and a town that seems like a much smaller town. There's a multitude of culinary offerings.There are a large number of Indian, Asian, Latin, African, and American cuisine. A unique hidden gem of a city.

Napa Valley, California
If you are a wine lover you might want to consider Napa Valley, the heart of American wine making. Outside the hustle and bustle of the bigger Californian cities, Napa provides the traveler with lovely views of the Napa Valley, and it unique quaint artists villages, and wine festivals. Just north of San Francisco and the Monterey Penninsula, this seculded corner of the world would be a place I would return to often.

Austin, Texas
Austin, capital of American state of Texas, is home to food trucks and live music. This town in southern Texas is about the un-Texas town you will ever see. A myriad of ethnic cuisine populate this town to create a pleasant laid back vibe. Austin is a musical town with happenings virtually every night of the week, Austin City Limits, various festivals, and South By Southwest, make this area place definitely worth visiting.

The United States is a wonderful country to discover, as a travel nurse you will have your pick of destinations. Go and explore places you have always dreamed of seeing.