Phone Gags for the Office

Let's face it, the office setting is a dull place most of the time.  If you work with the kind of people who are good sports when it comes to gags, here are four simple office pranks that you can use to liven the place up.  All of these involve a simple phone, which can be usually be found at nearly every desk.  

#1 - Turn Up Volume on Colleague's Phone to the Maximum Setting

It doesn't get any more simple that this one.  After hours, when your colleague is not at his desk, adjust the phone volume to be as loud as possible.  Later, when the victim is back at his desk, give him a call and watch him jump out of his seat.  

#2 -  Tape Down Receiver Button

When your co-worker is not as his desk, tape down the receiver so that when the phone handset is picked up, it continues to ring.  Your colleague will say, "hello…hello…hello?"  This is a great one to combine with gag #1 for bonus points. 


#3 -  Unplug Cord From the Handset 

This one is similar to #2.  When the phone rings, your co-worker will pick it up and the cord will dangle freely from his face while the phone continues to ring.  This doesn't sound like much of a prank on paper, but give it a shot and try not to laugh when you see the expression on your colleague's face.  Be careful not to unplug the cord that comes from the wall or the phone will not ring at all.  You want to target the cord that connects the handset.  If you want to see a lot of confusion and chaos, combine pranks 1-3 together.  


#4 -  Conference Call Two Strangers Together and Listen to the Awkward Conversation

Using Skype or the conference call mode on your phone, dial two numbers--(1) your co-worker victim and (2) someone else, like a local pizza shop, and sit back to enjoy the conversation.  If it is timed properly, both parties will assume the other person initiated the call and hilarity will ensue as they try to sort it all out.  Remember to keep your line on mute so they can't hear the laughter.  

Whether you are using these pranks for April Fools Day or just a slow Monday afternoon, I wish you luck.  Remember to use good judgement in choosing victims that know how to take a joke, and it is probably best to avoid targeting your boss, unless you want to get fired.