I have been at Infobarrel for a week, so I haven't accomplished very much. In fact, some would say my short time here has been a failure. After all, 2 of the 5 articles I submitted were turned down (ouch). Many would probably give up after such a poor start and look for an easier path to walk. For me, it was an eye-opening experience and quite humbling. Whenever I come across a humbling experience, I try to learn from it. That's what I'm doing here.

  1. The forums are helpful: Though I have yet to introduce myself on the forums, I have done a lot of reading. And I'll tell you what, there is a wealth of knowledge to be found. Writers at infobarrel seem very professional and dedicated to their craft. They critique respecfully and directly, which is appreciated by any writer trying to hone their skills--we all need doses of tough love every now and then.
  2. I'm not as good as I thought; neither are you: After trawling the forums and trying to net all the information I could, I began to read dozens of articles. I read pieces from almost every category; even categories that I have no interest in. The reason was so that I could see the caliber of writer on this site. I came to find that there are a lot of good writers--excellent ones. In fact, there are so many good writers you begin to feel like a goldfish in the Pacific. And while it is an overwhelming feeling, there is a lesson to be learned: step your game up.
  3. Writing is not a game of instant gratification: In order to be a successful writer here or elsewhere, you have to churn out a lot of high-quality content and continue to produce this material on a consistent basis. One must build a catalog of content that impresses people, and only then will you begin to see your hard work pay dividends. Writing is like any other field; it takes hard work and dedication.
  4. Keywords are important: I'm not even going to begin to say that I understand SEO/LSI and keyword optimization. But guess what? I'm trying to learn, because I keep seeing the most successful writers on this website talk about the importance of it. There is a lot to learn, and I intend to be as much of a sponge as possible.

Infobarrel has been a refreshingly startling experience. There I was thinking I was the equivalent to most decent writers. That's probably not the case. Either that, or the quality of material is so high here that I have to elevate myself to the level of the writers. This is not me kissing your rear-ends or heaping praise upon you all. It's a genuine thank you for the wake-up call that I, and so many other writers, desperately needed.