Enough of generalizations that man should keep at least one knife in his pocket to protect himself and as a tool for any eventualities like cutting cords, opening a beer bottle, or shaving his beard.  The civilized modern man has already shed off his Neanderthal instincts and has accepted the reality that he also has a place in the kitchen.  You can see this contemporary man on TV, film, and on the Internet where men are donning aprons and are very familiar in his kitchen.  His success in the kitchen though needs knives regardless of whether it is one of the best chef kitchen knives or just plain ones. 

There are different kinds of knives and according to Wikipedia, there are at least more than 20 of these ranging from chef knives to household sets.  Of course, you do not have to own all.  Having a few or at least one of them is more than enough to make your kitchen activity worthwhile and not over the top. Here are the suggested items that you should have in your kitchen.

Chef’s Knives

chef's knifeCredit: Wikipedia

As mentioned, you do not have to buy a whole set.  One 8 inch Chef’s Knife is enough.  Cooking involves a lot chopping, slicing, whacking, mincing, dicing, carving, and even carrying garnishing to the cookware.  This item is your assistant and help with all the chopping and other cooking activities mentioned beforehand. Sizes ranges from an 8 inch blade to a 12 inch blade. 

Paring Knife

In order to create very appealing culinary delights, you also need to fashion some vegetables and fruits into art pieces.  The paring knife does not only help you pare fruits and core the seeds.  This is also ideal for shaping some ingredients to make your food a sight to delight.  Generally, you need a 3 inch to 8 inch variety to be handy when you want to pare anything from one small garlic clove to a grapefruit. 

Bread Knife

Here is one item which some people thought is exclusive for breads as the name suggests.  This thin and long knife do not only slice through the softest bread that you bake, it is also excellent in slicing tomatoes, shaving chocolates, leveling cakes, and even cutting root vegetables to get the rib you want to make potatoes and carrots attractive in your dish. 

Boning and Filet Knives

boning knifeCredit: wikipedia

Once you get hooked with cooking, you will challenge yourself and try dishes that require boning and filet all sorts of fish.  Thus, you need a semi-flexible knife that helps you drive around curves in the backbone of the fish which are called filet knives and removing joint bones in your favorite meat that requires a boning knife. 

These are the important knives that you can start with.  Along the way, you can move on to investing on some of the best chef kitchen knives as your cooking expertise improves.