Businesses that provide or require thorough cleaning services need high pressure cleaning tools to get the job done. These cleaners are mechanical devices that are designed primarily to wash off dirt, grime, grease and other contaminants from the surface of machines, vehicles and buildings. They use increased pressure and a high flow rate to propel water and detergent at surfaces. High pressure cleaners can spray cold or hot water, each being appropriate for specific situations.


How High Pressure Washers Work

Pressure cleaners work when an engine, either motor or electronic, pumps water from a tank or water source and delivers high pressure water through a nozzle. Water may be heated by fuel oil, gas or electricity. The hot or cold H2O passes through the nozzle which creates a heightened pressure at the end of the jetting gun or lance.

Cold Water Pressure Cleaner

Cold water is ordinarily sufficient to clean cars, yards, workshops, machines, and premises. More heavy duty cold water cleaners can be used in construction, agriculture and industrial settings which require the highest pressure for cleaning. Depending on the size and frequency of cleaning required, cold water cleaners may be purchased as compact or heavy duty equipment. This type of cleaner does not heat itself although it can tolerate water that is fed into its system at temperatures up to 80 degrees Centigrade.

Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

When fats, oils and pigments are found in dirt, only hot water mixed with a suitable detergent can provide a quick and clean result. Hot water pressure devices deliver heightened pressure water at temperatures as high as 98 degrees Centigrade. Detergents can penetrate dirt and soil and keep them emulsified until they are washed away by hot water. These type of cleaners have the added advantage of using less detergent than cold water cleaners. On the other hand, cold water pressure washers are best suited for removing water soluble dirt.

Stationary High Pressure Cleaners

Hot and cold pressure cleaners may also be stationary equipment which is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting several areas while saving space. Stationary equipment reduces the need for long cables and water hoses and is ideally installed at areas that require regular cleaning.

High pressure cleaners are worthy investments that require careful planning in order to determine the best tools and systems appropriate for your needs. Selecting the right equipment will yield faster, cleaner and efficient results. Businesses and homes rely on cleanliness, and that is why tools of this sort will never go low on demand.