Some ideas for spots that will soothe your traveling soul in the Marais

In the district of Paris, known as the Marais, there are numerous sites that a visitor to the City of Lights will not want to miss.  But if after spending a day at the Picasso Museum, Centre Pompidou, or the Carnavalet Museum, all found in this general area, you find that your feet burn and you need a break from the crowd, consider one of these options.

Place des Vosges Place des VosgesCredit: Laura Moore

Join Parisians who are looking for relaxation at this beautiful garden, surrounded by buildings of red brick with blue slate roofs, in a true symmetrical formation.  This is a true square in Paris, each side being the same number of feet.  The surrounding arcades may be crowded with people enjoying the galleries that surround the garden, but once in the gates you can find a bench, and sit and admire your surroundings, under plane trees which provide shade in the summer. If you have the energy for one more museum, you can visit Victor Hugo's house, where he wrote part of Les Miserables. It is just on the edge of the garden.

The Saint-Paul Village

Follow one of the three passgeways off Rue St. Paul and you'll enter a peaceful, quiet haven of antique and design stores. Saint-Paul Village is a series of connected courtyards.  Wander the maze through the courtyards, window-shop, or sit in a little cafe and have a coffee.

Church of Saint Paul-Saint LouisSaint-Paul Saint LouisCredit: Laura Moore

To get away from the crowds, slip into this awe-inspiring church found on Rue Saint Antoine.  The church, dedicated to Saint-Louis, King of France has art and architecture to enjoy. The dome is 195 feet high and the church holds a Delacroix painting, Christ in the Garden of Olives.  Churches in Paris are open all day long and visitors are welcome.  Please remember to be respectful, as neighborhood people come to this church to pray throughout the day. 

The Cafe' Au Bouquet St. Paul


Step away from the maddening crowd into this friendly little cafe on Rue St. Antoine.  The service is friendly and the food is well prepared.  It's the perfect spot to relax with a coffee, soft drink, beer, or wine.

Paris offers so many opportunities, just make sure you do take an opportunity, from time to time, to enjoy some quiet relaxation.  The Marais is a district in Paris that has lots of options to do just that.