A whistleblower is a person who exposes the illegal transactions that his company engages in. To encourage these acts, there are whistle blowing laws established to protect whistleblowers from harassment and retaliation that their company is capable of.

However, even if these laws are in effect, there are instances when whistleblowers are terminated, demoted, illegally transferred, or denied of deserved promotion because of their actions that jeopardize the stability and reputation of the company. Most of these workers who are retaliated against file a complaint with the help of a Los Angeles employment attorney.

These lawyers can prove that their clients are protected under the whistle blowing laws because:

  • He is a worker. These includes employees, agency workers, and even self-employed who are working under the supervision of the company. In some cases, even those who are not employed by the company may be considered as a whistle-blower provided that they are working or training with the employers.
  • Believes that the company has engaged, is engaging, and will engage in the illegal practice
  • Made a "qualifying disclosure" that should reveal the information that will incriminate the company engaged in the wrongdoing.
  • Made a "protected disclosure" with the right agency or personnel in a proper manner.

It is important that all these procedures are followed as there have been cases when a person who has informally disclosed incriminating information was not protected by whistleblower acts as, under the law, he should have followed the proceedings for making a disclosure.

If all these requirements are met, then, they will be considered as whistleblowers and will basically be protected from the employer's possible retaliation. These whistleblowers will then be required to testify, assist, and participate as their allegations against the company are being investigated.

California False Claims Act

This act specifically prohibits the employer from interfering with the employee's disclosure of his company's unlawful practices to the concerned government agency. This means that they cannot make company policies that would prevent the worker from disclosing the information that can put them in an uncompromising position with the government.

Subsequently, they cannot harass, demote, transfer, deny promotion, suspend, or threaten the whistleblower in any way.

Those who would violate this act are likely to face lawsuits for abusing employee rights. There are Los Angeles labor attorney who can help whistleblowers recover compensation from the company who had violated their rights as workers.