I recently moved out of the big city into a smaller remote district about an hour and a half away from my work. Though the distance is considerable and people usually give me the stink-face when I tell them how far I have to travel each day, I actually prefer living where I do as opposed to the big city. Here's a list of reasons to say goodbye to Starbucks at every corner, pack up your stuff and head out to the boonies.

The commute ain't that bad
Here's kind of a glass-half-full look at the oh-so-horrible commute your co-workers groan about. Since I moved out of the city, my commute to work is now about an hour and a half both ways, which would suck if I were driving, but fortunately there's a train that takes me into the city. This means I don't have to deal with things like rush hour, road rage, people who don't know how to merge; I get to sit in a comfy chair for 3 hours a day and get a little R&R. I can watch a movie, read a book, write an article for infobarrel and make some money, or SLEEP. And since I'm so far out from the city, usually the good seats are still available when I get on the train, you know, the ones with the leg room. I know I know, it's not as good as being at home at 8:55, then walking to work for 9:00, but all I'm saying is it ain't THAT bad. Think of it as a 3 hour forced break.

Peace and Quiet
You know what's great? Waking up in the morning and hearing birds chirp. I'm talking REAL birds, the once that make the nice morning chirps. Not crows. Having a fight. Over a Subway Sandwich bag. The thing about a big city is, it's noisy ALL THE TIME. I love the fact that I don't have to listen to the constant banging ans smashing of construction, traffic, police sirens, drunk bar patrons, and oversized crows battling to the death for a cold-cut trio. Plus chances are you can afford a house out here and don't have to deal with a condo that has paper-thin walls. That means no noisy horny neighbors, and you can blast your home theater as loud as you want and you won't get some jerk banging on your door telling you to turn it down.

Less People
Now don't get me wong, I like people. I also happen to be one so I kinda gotta support the team. But sometimes the team has too many players on the field, and it's hard to play ball (ok no more sports analogies) When I moved out here, one of the first things I noticed was that there was no line-up at the grocery store, on a Sunday night! I couldn't believe it, Sunday night is prime getting-food-for-the-week time, where is everybody? But that not it, there's always seats at the movie theaters. I'm not talking movies like Speed Racer, I'm talking huge grossing opening night films. The Dark Knight, middle of the theaters seat, on opening night! I'd also just like to mention that as an added bonus the seats in my theater here are the reclining seats. Less people = happier people too... small talk is more genuine and a smile isn't just a server's attempt for a bigger tip.

Better Bang for your Buck
So I have the added expense of a monthly train pass now, but things out here sure are cheaper and I wonder if it all sort of evens out. I don't have to pay for parking, ever. Movie tickets are a dollar cheaper. The gas prices are always a few cents lower. Coffee can still be under a dollar. And real estate, oh real estate. Ask yourself, do you want a 300sqft 1 bedroom shoebox, or for the same price a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom 2 story house on a 10,000sqft lot. And if you buy the right house, you can get a basement suite you can rent out and save even more money. Money that you can spend on long distance calls to the big city to tell the people that they're spending too much money ;)

So there you have it. The two big reasons I've heard for living in the city are it's closer to everything, and there is a better social scene or it's cooler than booney-town. If you're willing to give up those things then maybe it's time for you to pack up your ikea space saving furniture (or sell it) and move out to the big country.