Giving a human face and voice to your enterprise is one of the biggest challenges for small and medium businesses today. Even huge, multinational corporations sometimes run short on the time and resources to respond quickly to customer inquiries. When a new advertising push is expected to result in a surge of call volume and potential conversions, it’s important to have as many phone lines open as possible. Today, outsourced phone services are one of several ways that companies are delivering excellent customer service while still running profitable operations.

Perfect, Custom Scripts

A professional answering service will ensure that every ad respondent will receive the same message. Answering services work hand in hand with their client organizations to create scripts with precisely the right tone and content. Customized scripts guarantee that agents will have immediate answers for nearly any possible question. From a caller’s perspective, there will be no distinction between the company and the agent with whom they are speaking. That’s the ultimate goal of any answering service: seamlessness.


Dedicated call centers typically make security their number one concern. In fact, they could easily be regarded as experts in the field. Whether it’s personally identifiable information or credit card numbers, an answering service can be trusted to keep your customers safe. Answering services thoroughly vet their potential employees to weed out those with questionable backgrounds and the like. 

Sometimes, security breaches happen through negligence or ignorance rather than malicious intent. Businesses can rest easy knowing that an experienced telephone answering service knows how best to protect sensitive information against accidental loss. In most cases, an outsourced third-party agency will be much better equipped to handle such logistical affairs than a business that doesn’t necessarily specialize in data security.


Telephone answering does not have to exist as a separate system from a company’s existing database and information architecture. Agents placing orders can utilize existing e-commerce systems, so there’s no lag between sales made at the call center and sales reports at corporate headquarters. Thanks to the Internet and telecommunication technology, it doesn’t matter whether an answering service is 5 or 500 miles away. It’s all one system, from the “back room” point of view.

Professionalism for Small Businesses and Sole Proprietors

Outsourcing ad response helps small businesses project a professional, “corporate” image, which builds consumer confidence and wins loyal, repeat customers. The ability to speak with a person (not a machine) any time of the day, any day of the week, is a real benefit for customers or potential customers. After all, nothing could deep-six an otherwise successful ad push than not having the phones adequately staffed. Professional answering services combine professionalism with a personal touch, all at economical price points.