Eco Cleaning need not be expensive or indeed complicated. Simple Green Eco Cleaning Products are easy to source and extremely cheap. Here are a few favorite Green Cleaning basics, or items you already own but may not be using to their fullest potential.

Simple Green Cleaning is all about keeping things environmentally friendly to help the earth and safe and non-toxic to help you and your family. There has been a proliferation of Organic and All Natural Cleaning Ranges to cash in on our desire to 'do our bit'. Whilst many of these dedicated green ranges are great they can sometimes be a little pricey. Here are some favorite green cleaning basics to help you save money, improve your health and reduce your impact on the planet.

The best way to keep your household cleaning less damaging is to use simple products that you know are safe to be around, safe to use and safe to dispose of. The best place to look for such items is your kitchen. You know anything sold as suitable for human consumption has to be pretty darn safe, so if any of these 'food' items can be given a dual purpose as cleaners you are on to a sure fire winner.

The list of ordinary kitchen items that can be given cleaning jobs is vast and seemingly endless. But, to get things going here are some basic Simple Green Cleaners that will certainly save you some money and carbon footprint space:

  1. Lemons or any citrus are acidic and so great for cutting through grease and other dirt. Try wiping your stainless steel fixtures with the inside of an old lemon to really bring out the shine.
  2. Vinegar is another mild acidic liquid. It is mildly antibacterial so great to use as a multi-surface cleaner with mild disinfectant qualities. Add a tablespoon or two to a cup of water and place in your kettle. Boil and all your limescale will be dissolved.
  3. Baking Soda is not just great at making cakes rise. Sprinkle it anywhere you want to remove odours and use as a general tough yet gentle scouring powder.
  4. Salt is antibacterial, use to sterilise chopping boards after dealing with fish and other smelly foodstuffs.

Once you start using these four Simple Green Eco Cleaning Products you will find them extremely versatile, with many additional uses available. They come without any of the perfumes, packaging or additional costs associated with both traditional and Eco cleaning products too. Each time you use one of these cheap and cheerful items to tackle your housework you will save a little more money to spend on a few tough Green Cleaners to tackle those tougher jobs, plus some more to spend on yourself!