There are a few pieces of audio equipment that every DJ must have before he can start booking gigs. Essential DJ audio equipment includes amps, speakers, mixers, and turntables. On average, you should expect to pay at least a couple of hundred of dollars for basic DJ equipment. You can purchase all of the DJ equipment that you will ever need at stores like Abes of Maine and Beach Camera, such as:

1. Amps and Speakers

When it comes to DJ equipment, amps and speakers go hand in hand. It is impossible to be a DJ without amps and speakers because without them, no one will be able to wear the music that you are playing. Generally speaking, you will want to have at least one powerful amp that is connected to separate speakers. You can purchase speakers that have built-in amps, but the sound quality will not be as good. If you are new to the business and short on money, you can look into stereos that have auxiliary sockets that can also double as speakers and amps. Top brands of amps and speakers that you should consider buying include Technical Pro, Alesis and M-Audio.

2. Mixers

You can't be a DJ if you don't have a mixer. If you aren't familiar with mixers, a mixer is what allows you to transition to a new song without stopping the song that you are currently player. If you are just breaking into the DJ world, you will be fine with a 2 channel or a 4 channel mixer. If you have never used a mixer before, you will need to learn the basics of beat mixing and scratch mixing before you can start booking jobs. Most mixers will have monitors that will send the music that you are playing to your headphones so that you can get a better idea of the quality.

3. Turntables

Every DJ must have a turntable. People who hire DJs are expecting the DJ to know how to spin music in front of a large audience. DJ quality turntables are not cheap, so you should consider starting off with a used one. Many DJs are now starting to use CDs for their gigs, but you will typically get the best quality with vinyl records. Many turntables now even come with USB cables so that you can load music from your vinyl records onto your computer. If you have never used a turntable before, it takes a lot of practice and dedication before you can master the art of spinning. Popular brands of turntables that you might want to look into purchasing include Numark, Ion, Pioneer and Odyssey.