In today’s society it can be hard to eat healthy foods.  With all the cheap junk food in the grocery store it feels impossible to stay on track with a good diet.  Everyone knows that eating healthier will lead to you feeling much better as well as looking better.  It can improve your skin and will definitely make you leaner.  Eating healthy foods will even make you more productive!  Healthy eating doesn’t have to cost a ton either; it can be done on a budget.  I’ll show you how with these five tips.  

1.     Avoid the middle of the grocery store

    By avoiding the middle of the grocery store you will be dodging a ton of the junk food.  Most of the processed stuff sits in boxes in the middle of the food store.  By shopping mainly in the middle of the store you are not getting the most bang for your buck either.  Face it, junk foods may make you feel full for a good ten minutes but after that you’re starving again.  Stick to the outer isles for healthier alternatives.  

    2.     Look in fliers for deals

      All the grocery stores are competing with each other and that works out great in your favor.  The deals change every week so you have to look every time you go shopping.  Sales usually start on Sundays and Mondays in my area.  It may be different in yours.  Make sure you find out!  You should alter which stores you shop at based on the stuff you like to eat and what they have on sale.  I eat mostly meat so I usually shop at the store with the best chicken and steak prices.  You might be a vegetarian and not eat meat.  Figure out what you eat the most and shop at the store that has that item on sale.

      3.     Clip Coupons 

        Get your Sunday paper and clip the coupons!  I can’t stress this enough!  I used to be a telemarketer and my job was to sell newspaper subscriptions.  The main selling point was always to make sure you tell the potential customer how much they could save by clipping coupons.  It was always more than the price of the newspaper and I never realized how true it was until I actually started doing this.  A Sunday newspaper is definitely a good investment.  Also, going hand in hand with clipping coupons, you can also go to hallmark and pick up a book called the entertainment guide.  This book contains TONS of coupons for going out to eat to all different types of restaurants.  You can pick this up for like twenty bucks but it is worth every penny.  If you’re healthy eating you can even hook your friends up with the coupons to the fast food restaurants.

        4.     Shop wholesale

          Go get a membership to a store like BJ’s or Costco.  It’s only like fifty dollars a year and it is well worth it.  The deals they have in those types of places are the best.  They also seem to have the best quality steaks and milk as opposed to regular supermarkets.  I use BJ’s and I really like them.  Definitely don’t be put off by the membership fee, it will pay for itself.

          So you see shopping for healthy foods can be easy and painless.  Use these tips to make your wallet a little fatter and your stomach a little thinner.  I hope this helped!