Your lawn has a hard life – it gets trampled over, frozen, rained on, snowed on and baked alive in the harsh summer heat, after all this though you still expect it to look beautiful all year. The likelihood is though that you have found that your lawn looks a little below par come the spring. Knowing how to take care of your lawn at the right time of year will help it to look beautiful in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here are four tips that can help you have a beautiful lawn all the year round:

Lawn Stripes

Tip 1 – Let your Lawn Breath

If you've a lawn that is prone to getting water logged then aerating it once a year will help to prevent it becoming boggy. Taking out cores of earth with a proper aerator – not a fork – and filling the resulting holes with sharp sand or grit will give the water somewhere to go, hopefully resulting in your lawn not resembling a swamp.

If you've heavy clay soil then you will get the best results by aerating your lawn in the late spring and early autumn. At these times of year the ground is softer so it should be easier to do.

Tip 2 – Make Space for Grass to Grow

In the spring remove all of the moss from your lawn. The best way - environmentally - is to use a fork to rake it up; it's hard work but will give you a work out and save putting harmful chemicals in to the ground. Moss creates a suffocating layer over the ground which prevents new grass from growing. Removing the moss will allow new grass to grow and therefore will help prevent a patchy lawn.

Tip 3 – Boost the Density of your Lawn

If you're lawn is patchy then you may want to over seed it – this should fill in all of the patchy gaps – particularly if you have just taken up a lot of moss from your ground. The best time to do this is either in the spring or very later summer/beginning of autumn. At these times of year the completion from weeds is very low so your grass will have the best chance of surviving.

Tip 4 – Let Light get to your Lawn

Autumn leaves can cause havoc with a lawn. Using a hand powered lawn sweeper will allow you to pick up this leaves quickly and easily. If you're not able to use hand powered equipment then a gas powered lawn sweeper is equally as good but not so good for the environment.

These four simple tips should keep your lawn looking great all year round.