Are you struggling to stay on your bosses good side? These four tips will change that

Do you have a feeling that you aren't on your bosses good side? Here are four tips that will help you get and stay on their good side-Forever!

Let's face it-some bosses just aren't the easiest to get along with. Deep down, you may dislike or even hate your boss, but you have no honest say of who is in charge. Although you may feel like this boss has you at your glass ceiling and that this feeling will never change, there are some easy steps that you can take that can change these feelings. The following are four major tips that will without doubt help you build rapport with your boss and win them over for good.

Each and every human being is unique, especially when it comes to personality, including your boss. To understand that your boss is actually a human being is clutch in winning over your boss. You need to match  your bosses personality as much as you possibly can. If your boss demands respect, it is not wrong to call her "Ma'am" or him "Sir". Also, think before you speak. What I mean by this is that if your boss is more respectful and professional, you can not talk with them like you are out with your friends. You must articulate your words, give answers in the correct context, and finally offer reasons behind your logic in a professional way. If your boss is more on the casual end, than match this by using a more comical and casual conversational way, and refrain from calling them "Mr." or "Mrs.". The reasons why matching style is so important to a boss is that it will help the boss feel more comfortable with you. Remember, some times these mannerisms are just as uncomfortable for your boss as they are for you. If your boss can relate to your personality and your style, you will be able to build a stronger rapport with this human being.

The next tip for winning your boss over would certainly be to work as hard as you possibly can. Some mentors have told me in the past that saying that you are a 'hard worker' in a job interview is the worst phrase that you can say, but in a job setting, being the absolute hardest worker is definitely something that any boss likes to see. Strive to shy away from being an arrogant overachiever, but do in almost a 'no big deal' fashion and it will show that you have the drive and will to succeed.

All jobs have an opportunities and threats. An opportunity is an attribute that can change the work environment for the better, while a threat is an attribute that is potentially hazardous  to the work area. This is a difficult, but potentially lucrative tip that can offer many openings with your boss. The difficult part is suggesting where the opportunities and threats lie and what action that takes place about these opportunities and threats. The reason that the suggestion is so hard is because some bosses may feel otherwise or differently towards your suggestions, and should if your goal is to get on your supervisors good side, than you certainly do not want to step on their toes. You can find opportunities and threats anywhere in your work environment. The most obvious places are in work ethic, work flow, daily activities, interactions, or even seating arrangements. Also, the marketing plan and customer focus are great places to find opportunities and threats.

Some bosses are quirky. They hold the job title as 'Supervisor' for a reason, and they didn't get their position because everyone else in the human race skipped out on their interview. With that being said, a boss traditionally does care about your feelings and the overall success  of the occupation, even if this is not shown as frequent as you may like. Should the boss offer encouragement, positive words, or kindness, do not be afraid to say "Thank You" or to acknowledge the remarks in general. In the event that these words are condescending or discouraging, hold your head high and ask questions such as 'What can I do in the future to prevent this'. This will show your boss that you do care about your job, and you are striving to do better. 

It is easy to just write your boss off as someone who walks around and hates you. For the time that you are at your job, you might as well attempt to make it enjoyable. Being on your bosses good side will definitely help with this. Below, feel free to comment on some experiences that you have had while interacting with your boss and any helpful tips that you feel will help others.