If you own an SLR digital camera, chances are that your camera is compatible with many different SLR lenses. Different types of pictures often call for a different type of lens, so investing in a few top interchangeable SLR lenses is not a bad idea. Whether you are a professional photographer or if you are just looking to take great family photos, a top camera lenses will surely enhance your photos. You can find all of the camera lenses that you need at BuyDig.com and SuperBiiz. To get a great deal on the camera lenses that are sold by those merchants, be sure to use a coupon code when you can.

1. Tamron 17-50 mm AF Zoom Lens

The Tamron 17-50 mm AF zoom lens is specifically designed for digital SLR cameras. This Tamron lens features a wide angle coverage of 17 mm, which is compatible to 26 mm on a regular camera. Many expensive digital cameras are heavy, so when shopping for a camera lens, you want to look for one that is light weight. One of the best features of this Tamron lens is the fact that it only weighs 15.3 ounces, which is less than one pound. To reduce ghosting and flare in your photos, the Tamron 17-50 mm AF zoom lenses features an internal surface coating.

2. Canon 20 mm USM Lens

The Canon 20 mm USM lens is an ultra wide angle lens. The focal length and maximum aperture on this Canon lens is 20 mm and 1:2.8, respectively. This Canon lens is able to focus within 0.8 feet of a subject. Surprisingly, given its features, the Canon 20 mm USM lens only weighs 14.3 ounces and has a maximum diameter of 3.1 inches. This ultra wide angle Canon lens boasts a rear focusing adjustment system that is designed to obtain sharp images at all subject distances.

3. Sigma Super Wide Angle Zoom Lens

If you are looking for a super wide angle lens for indoor photography and landscape photography, look no further than the 10 to 20 mm Sigma super wide angle zoom lens. This Sigma lens has a wide angle view of coverage of an amazing 102.4 degrees. Many super wide angle lenses often have a problem with color aberration. That is not a concern with the Sigma 10 to 20 mm super wide angle lens because it features three SLD glass elements.

4. Tokina 80-400 mm Lens

The Tokina 80 to 400 mm lens is the only lens on the market that has an aperture of 4.5 to 5.6. Even at an aperture setting of 5.6, this Tokina lens is still capable of producing bright pictures when the 400 mm setting is being used. To remove light and flare, this Tokina camera lens features optics that have a built-in flare cutter mechanism. If you are not interested in carrying multiple camera lenses around with you, the Tokina 80 to 400 mm lens is a complete range of lenses in one lens.