Personal injury cases are those which are caused by a person's negligence. Negligent acts committed by these parties are surely one of the top causes of tragic accidents.

For a better idea on these acts of negligence, here are some tragic accidents and who will be held legally responsible for them.

Collapse of a building

Establishment owners are responsible for accidents in their property especially if preventive measures could have been observed. The collapse of a building can be attributed to several factors, one of which is the poor quality of materials used.

The collapse of a building will result to a lot of property damages and losses not only to the building owner but to people whose vehicles were parked near the complex when the accident occurred. Aside from this, there is also a big chance that there will be injuries and fatalities that will result from it.

Train collisions and derailment

Train companies are considered as common carriers because of their responsibility to maintain the safety of people and cargos they transport each day. This means that heavier punishment will be imposed for their negligence that has resulted to accidents.

Collisions with other vehicles and derailment are two of the most common accidents that occur nationwide. Keeping railroads in good working condition and installing warning lights and gates should lessen the possibility of a train accident occurrence.

Explosions in factories and hazardous working condition

Employers are responsible in maintaining the safe working condition of their workers. They must provide adequate safety equipments such as gloves and masks when coming in contact with harmful substances.

Overuse of machineries and heavy equipments can result to explosion and fire accidents. Employers must maintain their worker's safety by having these equipments and machineries regularly checked and maintained by expert technicians.

Product contamination

A lot of product recalls involving food and pharmaceuticals result from possible contamination. Salmonella and e-coli are the two most common contaminants that endanger the safety of consumers. Makers and distributors of these consumer goods must make it a point to have the product tested before they are sold to customers.

What Victims Can Do

Those who were victimized by any of the above incidents that have resulted from negligence must immediately consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who will make sure that their client's losses will be properly compensated and that the liable party will be reprimanded for its actions.