There are many different reasons why people require blackout shades, but at the very basis of all these reasons, there is one simple thing they are trying to achieve; to reduce the light coBlackout Shadesming into their room.

The Home Theatre - As television sizes get bigger and bigger, more and more people are turning their living rooms into home theatres. The prices of plasma and LCD televisions continue to drop, making it an affordable option for the average household, whereas a couple of years ago it was a luxury, only affordable to the wealthy. As people start to realise that they can actually save money by watching new release movies from the comfort of their own home, they start looking into what equipment is needed to deck their room out to get that cinematic experience. A must have for any home theatre is a good blackout shade, as there is nothing worse than trying to watch your favourite movie when there is a glare on the screen.

A Good Nights Sleep - Some people just can't get to sleep if there is even the slightest hint of light in the bedroom, while others can doze off quite easily under any circumstances. For those that have trouble, a street light shining through the window can mean no sleep at all, and a blackout shade is a necessity in this situation. Shift workers don't even have the luxury if sleeping at night, so for them a blackout solution is the only way to trick their brain into thinking it's night time. Nurseries are another great example. Babies sleep for many hours during the day, and if the bright rays of the sun are shining into their crib, they are not going to be sleeping well at all.

Photography Darkroom - Although developing your own photos is a dying art thanks to the invention of the digital camera, there are still many people out there who absolutely love this hobby. In order to get a good quality photo processed, you need complete darkness in your darkroom. Even a hint of light can ruin that perfect shot.

Corporate Environments - The home is not the only place that can benefit from blackout shades. Many business environments need to have a meeting room available for such things as presentations and slide shows. You will find that the majority of corporate meeting rooms have some for of black blinds installed, and more often than not these blinds will be motorized and controlled via a remote control.