Four Wheelers and Dirt Bikes: What if they cost under $500

If you ever come across four wheelers and dirt bikes that are being advertised for sale for under $500 then I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it is most likely a con. If it is not a con then you need to seriously question the quality of these four wheelers and dirt bikes. Good quality four wheelers and dirt bikes cost a lot and I mean a lot more than $500 and that is my friend, the cold hard truth. You might get extremely lucky and be offered an actual good quality machine for this sort of price or somewhere in the near vicinity but I assure you this is very rare and almost unheard of. So unless it is a good friend trying to do you a favor then watch out! If someone is trying to sell you a brand new machine for under $500 then alarm bells should be ringing and the big question you need to start asking yourself is, ‘what the hell is wrong with it?’

Four wheelers and dirt bikes should realistically be costing you somewhere in the range of $1000 to $2000 or more and then even that can still be considered a bargain. Look out for quality brands and makes such as Honda as these brands are reputable and will always maintain a certain standard of quality.


Cheap four wheelers 250cc: What if Your Are Fat?

Cheap four wheelers 250cc can be a great thing, and a 250cc is plenty powerful enough for a beginner to get used to and have a lot of fun on. I am, let’s just say, larger than your average guy on the street, and I have experienced problems with my weight with a lot of things. But my four wheeler 250cc is not one of them gladly. It is a complete myth that a fat person will break it, or will not be able to ride it properly.

I have no idea where this ridiculous idea came from but let me set you straight – it is utter rubbish! I challenge any of you to buy yourselves a cheap four wheelers 250cc and then come over to my place and let me race you on it. I bet I will leave you eating dust, and eating your words. It doesn’t make a difference if you are fat or not, the bikes will handle just fine. It is another one of these stupid things that go around. "Your too fat to ride a four wheeler." Well if you think that, come and see for yourself. I will never be defeated on mine, no matter how light the other racer!


50cc four wheelers for kids: Are You Kids at Risk?

There are loads of 50cc four wheelers for kids available on the market that you would just assume that they were safe. If they weren’t safe why would there be so many and surely they wouldn’t be able to advertise them? You’re wrong, companies can pretty much advertise anything they want and tell you that it is safe even if it is in fact quite the contrary. If you are looking to buy your kid a 50cc four wheeler then you need to watch out. There are many retailers out there who couldn’t give a care for your child’s safety and they certainly won’t be accountable if something did go wrong.

I am not saying that every 50cc four wheelers for kids out there are dangerous. There are plenty of safety and kid friendly models; you just have to make sure you buy a brand that you trust from a company you trust. A lot of four wheelers these days have added safety facilities to ensure your child is as safe as they could be. You must remember though that letting a child ride around on a 50cc four wheeler unattended can always lead to accidents. Take all the safety precautions you can and you should be fine!

ATV four wheelers honda: What if you can't get Parts?

I have a Honda ATV myself, and it is a great machine. I can’t say enough good things about ATV four wheelers honda. It has always been reliable, and hard working, and I had never had a problem with it until recently; and now it has become a bit of a nightmare. It was my fault that it broke in the first place, as I managed to get a large branch wedged in between the chain driver and the main chassis. It caused something to snap inside.

I have been trying to get it fixed, but getting hold of new parts for old ATV four wheelers honda is near impossible. The only solution I have been given, is trying to buy an identical second hand bike and breaking it down for parts. Although this seems a good idea, finding the same model and year is not easy, and it is expensive. Honda no longer make the parts, and I have tried looking online to no avail. It seems like my only two options include getting hold of an ATV for parts, or buying a new one altogether. Neither option is appealing to me really. The only other thing that has been suggested to me is getting the mechanic to try and knock up a part from another make of bike, but I don’t hold out much hope

Four Wheelers Games for Kids: What if it requires a driver's license?

There are loads of four wheelers games for kids these days, and mine actually love them. They have two four wheeler games on their computer which they spend all rainy days, and nights playing on. Sometimes if I am lucky enough, they let me join in. They also have a toy four wheeler each that they play out in the yard in. They spend all afternoon racing around on them and having a great time. They used to play out in the street on them, but some miserable neighbors put that to an end.

It wouldn’t really surprise me if some day in the near future the kids needed to have a drivers’ license to play on the street. "Excuse me sir, but you are in violation of traffic code blah blah blah" they will be saying to my six year old boy when he flies down the drive into the empty street! The fun police would have a field day there and my kids would be cast aside as criminals. Until that day comes, I will be thankful that at least it is only the neighbor that disapproves of their games and not the law and I am lucky there are four wheelers games for kids that can be played indoors. It won’t be long though I’m sure.

Cheap four wheelers for sale in Indiana: Would You Move There?

I am a fanatic about four wheelers, and have always had a passion for them since I used to ride in my granddads four wheeler when I was a lad. Now when I heard that there were cheap four wheelers for sale in Indiana I got very excited and could not wait to see them. I currently have two, but there is always room for another, especially if it is at a bargain price. I’m sure my wife wouldn’t be too happy about another big vehicle sat in her front drive, but if I buy it then it has got to go somewhere!

The only problem I encountered was the fact that the sale was in Indiana. When I saw the advert for cheap wheelers for sale in Indiana, it didn’t click that they were actually in Indiana. Yes I was a bit of an idiot. Now I’m sure it would be a very nice place to visit, and if there were always cheap four wheelers for sale, maybe even live; but sadly even I wouldn’t be prepared to move there. It is a long, long way from where I currently live, and I have absolutely no intention of upping sticks and moving on. So Indiana will have to survive another day without me. But if someone from there is selling a cheap four wheeler and wants to drive it over to me, then maybe we should talk!

Four wheelers for sale in alabama: What if You get FreeTires ?

If someone is offering you free tires when they are advertising four wheelers for sale in Alabama then you should count yourself lucky. Why would you not be happy about getting a set of free tires? Tires can cost a small fortune and tires for four wheeler vehicles especially can. You should be asking yourself though, just to be sure, why are they offering free tires?

If you can get hold of the contact details for the person who listed the advert for four wheelers for sale in alabama you should call them up. Probe them on why they are offering these free tires and what makes them so special, make sure these tires are actually useful and not some dangerous second hand ones that come with hardly any treat as it has been worn away from years of misuse and overuse. If they are trying to make out that the value of the tires has been included in the price then it is not actually a good bargain or deal after all. They are trying to make you believe you are getting something for free when in fact they have simply added the value on to the price tag of the four wheeler.