This Valentine's Day

Let's get some things straight, guys. No matter how much your girlfriend says that you don't have to do anything for Valentine's Day, or that it's fine that you didn't get her anything, it's not. She wants something that shows your devotion and love for her that she can show off to others. She wants others to know that you care about her and put lots of thought into what she would like. Now, you might be thinking, "How the heck do I know what she wants?" Well, look no further. I've compiled a list of wonderful and romantic gift ideas. Shall we?

"101 Ways To Say I Love You" Bottle

101 Ways To Say I Love You

This little bottle is full of sweet and romantic messages. It's full of little scrolls of paper that say things like "I adore you" and "Together, Forever". You can even customize the little scrolls of paper to fit your relationship. The first ten custom messages are free! Your girlfriend doesn't speak English? You can get these in any language! These are 101 little scrolls of paper full of romance and sentiment and are a surefire way to say "I Love You". Lovingly handmade by ZozyWozy on Etsy.

Silver Love Letter Envelope Locket Necklace



Envelope With Letter

How lovely! It's a cute metal, silver envelope that actually opens and contains a little letter inside! It's absolutely wonderful! It's something out of the norm that your girlfriend will show off to everyone she knows and brag about how sweet and thoughtful her boyfriend is. It's a very beautiful piece that she can take around everywhere to show off and remind her of you. It's just an excellent gift overall in every respect. Lovingly handmade by twopennylane on Etsy.

I Love You - Tiny Envelopes Card with Custom Messages


This is a beautiful and unique Valentine's card with eight tiny envelopes made from 100% recycled, acid free, white fiber card stock. Six of the little envelopes contain a little card that you can write your own messages on. The other two envelopes are filled with little pieces of heart-shaped confetti. Under the envelopes is a message saying "I 'heart' U" and it's blank on the inside. It goes perfectly with any Valentine's Day gift and is both romantic and sentimental. It differs from the norm and really makes you stand out. It's beautiful and wonderfully crafted by LemonDropPapers on Etsy.

You Are Super Easy. - Funny Valentines Day Card

Super EasyOpened Card

Oh wait WHAT??? Oh phew! So that's not what it really says. A cute and hilarious semi-gag gift, give your girlfriend a little scare and then a cute, romantic message all in one! Perfect to leave in her purse or on her dining room or anywhere else that she would find it. I would think that it would be quite dangerous to just give the card outright because she might blow up on you before she even reads the inside of the card, so, be careful in the presentation of a card like this. Lovingly crafted by FINCHandHARE on Etsy.

Good Luck!

Now that you've seen several nice, romantic gift ideas, go out and start practicing those winning smiles, bright and chipper voices, and gift presentation. Did you know that Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days for breakups? Don't let your relationship fall through the cracks because your Valentine's Day gift was unsatisfactory. Have a good day, and good luck.