What if there was a product you can use on your self that would make women feel nice about you and remember you all the time?

That product doesn’t exist and will probably never be made!

If such a product was available, it would sell for thousands of dollars and the company producing it would be making billions!

There are no quick fixes to these, what is available are some great ways you can make a great first impression on women that would make them like you and find you very attractive all the time, in other words, you are going to stay in their minds for a very long time after meeting them.

The first way to achieve this is to dress nicely.

I’m sure that you may have already heard of this one before and that you may be even getting fed up out of hearing people advising you about it!

The truth is that most guys, even if they knew about this one, will rarely apply it into their lives, they are going to think that it’s not that important and that the most important thing in meeting women is to have a character.

With women, looking good is very important.

Here is what you need to focus mostly on:

Have great shoes, women love leather classy shoes

Have a great hairstyle; lots of guys will totally ignore their hair even if it can be one of their best assets

Lose some weight, women are interested in manly man, a chubby guy will not look very masculine and strong to a woman, no matter what character he’s displaying to her

These are the most important things to focus on when trying to have a great look.

The second thing to do is to have a great smell

I was once asked by a man of the one thing I’d recommend every men to have that wasn’t related to the inner game, I looked at that man and I simple told him: “cologne”

Having a great smell is the best thing you can invest in when trying to please women.

You can’t imagine how women are totally hypnotized by great manly smells.

I’ve once asked a woman about it and she just couldn’t say why, she only told me this interesting thing: she said that whenever her husband is traveling far from home, she would get one of his t-shirts that has his smell and lay it next to her, she told me that this would make her feel very at ease and relaxed.

Why not have the same effects on women?

You can do it by just smelling good every time you meet a woman.

The third thing you can do is walk and move slowly

The matador walk!

It’s the walk the bull fighters in Spain do before they kill the bull!

It is very cruel, but if you watch a video on YouTube, you are going to notice that a lot of women are totally hypnotized by the matador when he does such a walk and are going to keep staring at him in total admiration.

You can have the same effect on women, just walk and move a little slower, that’s all.

And the fourth one is learn to leave a bit sooner

You can be the most loveable guy in the universe and still make women annoyed by you!


By staying with them for a very long time!

Women love the company of men, but they don’t love the company of men for too much.

If you meet a woman and start talking to her, you need to notice when she is most involved with you and most interested in you, and then leave!

This way, she can never forget you.