With the economy in recession and many people jobless more and more people are turning to the internet to make some extra money. The good news for these internet moneymakers is that there are many free ways to make money online. The trick is to find the legitimate opportunities from the many thousand scams circulating online. If you are unsure about a site do a search on google, or ask on a forum. Luckily amongst these scams there are many genuine opportunities which will help you make money online.


Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online, and luckily there are many blogging platforms where you can have your blog hosted for free as well as having a free domain name. When you create a blog you can add advertising such as google adsense, bidvertiser and adsdaq to name a few as well as affiliate products. Niche blogs tend to earn the most in affiliate sales and advertising revenue. The hardest part of blogging is getting traffic to your sites, if you can master getting targeted traffic you are well on your way.

Freelance writing

There is no shortage of freelance writing work on the internet, and there are many sites which will pay you an upfront payment, as well as daily page views for your articles. One such site is Helium. There are also many google adsense revenue sharing sites such as Xomba and Infobarrel which will pay you a percentage of your google adsense impressions.


There are many survey sites on the internet which do pay, and globaltestmarket is one of the best out there. This site is available for those worldwide and they pay as soon as you receive enough points to convert to $50. Americans have many more survey sites available and they are able to make hundreds of dollars monthly if they are suitable for the surveys they are sent. One thing here is never to pay to undertake a survey as they are free, but some companies will try and charge you to sign you up. Another highly profitable activity is taking part in focus groups, or being a mystery shopper, both of which are also free.

Social networking

For those social animals out there the good news is that there are several social networking sites similar to facebook and myspace which will pay you dollars for using their sites. Currently the best paying social network is mypage 5 which pays you for adding photographs, videos, blog posts, and comments.

By utilising these free ways to make money online you can gain some extra income to help pay your bills or treat yourself to some luxuries. After a period of time your earnings will continue to grow and with some hard work, ambition and dedication you may just be able to give up your day job in favour of making a living online.