I love Healthy Eating Habits!

Learning healthy eating habits at a young age is massively important in maintaining one's health as you grow older. Of course, many adults are not taught how to eat a healthy diet from a young age; so they are still in need of help to turn their life around through healthy eating and learning the benefits of exercise. In our modern age of new technology, becoming a healthy person has become somewhat difficult, as we are more prone to sit down and watch television or surf the internet. However, alternatively we could view the ability to learn healthy eating as something that is now easier in some respects, thanks in part to Android applications for iPhone that allow us to keep up with our diets, exercise routines, and overall health in a simple click of a button. One thing I find important about iPhone apps is how they allow us to make dieting and exercise into a sort of "game," as we are able to calculate our statistics and other vital information throughout the day. Of course, the iPhone is constantly on our person; as we need it to communicate with other people. In this article you will find 4 great iPhone applications that promote healthy eating habits in children and adults alike.

Good: Food & Nutrition (FREE)

If you ask me, this is a really good application for iPhone. Simple titled "Food & Nutrition," this app provides you with educational information on food and dieting. Additionally, it provides you with the necessary tools for picking better foods as well. This is a great first-resource to check out as the key to losing weight and learning healthy eating involves becoming educated on the topic of health, food, and fitness. I would imagine that where many people go wrong with their exercise and diet routines is the lack of understanding about the food they intake, and the bodies they are operating within. Food & Nutrition is an excellent app for understanding healthy eating, and can easily be accessed by children and adults alike. Of course, some of the food facts may be loaded with hard to understand jargon that may confuse kids; so if you are a parent, be sure to check out this iPhone application with them!

Great: Fast Food Nutrition Facts (FREE)

This application provides content you would expect from the title: fast food nutrition facts. One key to eating healthy is becoming more aware of the food you are frequently putting in your body. It is a statistical fact that individuals all around the world (and especially in the United States), eat at fast food restraunts at least once a week; if not more then that! Part of the problem is, again, a lack of information about what people are actually eating. Most restaurants do not provide nutritional facts about their food products (which I perceive as an unethical practice myself). The iPhone app Fast Food Nutrition Facts provides you with a large variety of content about a variety of different fast food restaurants food offerings. You can get information on the calories included in each meal, as well as a variety of other health related information. This app includes information on fast food restaurants like Panda Express, Burger King, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and more.

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Better: Soleil Organics (.99 cents)

Learning healthy eating habits generally includes learning how to pick foods that are literally healthier. Healthy eating is not just about minimizing the amount of bad food we take in (like fast food), but it is also about learning about organic foods that promote a cleaner environment, a cleaner body, and ultimately a more healthy and rejuvinated YOU. This iPhone applications provides you with a lot of information on buying organic foods, including information on how to read organic labels properly to get the best organic food available. While I typically write about products that are free, I have found this one to be incredibly useful (and many other people would agree as well!). At .99 cents, this thing is practically free. It is great to pull up while at the grocery store as well, so you have information on hand while you are shopping!

Best: Food Tracker (FREE)

This is my favorite application when it comes to eating healthy (for children and adults of course). It is a very easy to use app, and of course it is free as well. This application allows you to keep track of what you eat, including many vital statistics like your caloric intake, and ultimately it helps you with figuring out what the best foods are that you can eat. I love it for the simplicity, and if you use it daily; it will hold you accountable for what you are eating, and provide you great tips for eating even better foods!

Healthy eating habits can be difficult to attain. While some people are fortunate enough to grow up in a household that promotes healthy eating from a young age, other people need to work at it a lot more. Some people are in need of shedding a few pounds, but this is nothing new to our current world. The big question is: how are you going to go about changing your lifestyle for the better? While iPhone applications will not certainly make you lose weight or become a healthier person, they can certainly be used in addition to a good diet and great exercise programs these applications can really become tools for creating a better YOU.

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