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-Lowers cholesterol. -Provides omega-3 fatty acids. -Protects against certain cancers. -More fiber in your diet. -Great for your immune system.


-Flaxseed is high in fiber which may cause gas. -People with diabetes, should consult their doctor before adding flaxseed to their diet. It may cause changes to your blood. -Flaxseed oil becomes rancid quickly.

Full Review

There are many benefits to eating flaxseed. The seed of the flax plant has been found to reduce cholesterol and protect against hormone dependent cancer's like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Ultimately they taste great on salads, bread, muffins and can be combined with lots of other foods. 1) Controls heart disease: By eating flaxseed it controls the blood flow from your heart. Thus giving your blood free flowing movement so your body can function at it's peak for many years. As we age our blood tends to get thicker and stickier making your heart work harder to pump blood to the necessary areas. By adding flaxseed to your diet may be the next best move. Flaxseed is the best vegetable source of omega-3 fatty acids. The proper essential fatty acids help keep your blood from becoming sticky, lowering your risk of heart attack and stroke. 2) Controls cholesterol: By eating your average amount of flaxseed bread daily can help control cholesterol. One study found that people with high cholesterol who ate four to six slices of flaxseed bread a day, their cholesterol levels dropped considerably. Therefore, when breaking bread make sure it has some cholesterol-clobbering, heart-protecting flaxseed inside. 3) Slows down cancer: Studies have shown that this simple plant can fight cancer and put the squeeze on this disease. Lignans is a type of phytochemical or natural disease fighter that comes from the plant, has been shown to prevent or slow the growth of numerous types of cancer. A study found that rats when fed flaxseed and then exposed to cancer-causing substances reduce there risks of developing colon cancer by more than half. 4) Gives kidneys a boost: Flaxseed might give faltering kidneys a jolt. Researchers have conducted a study to see if people with systemic lupus erythematosus, a disease of the immune system, if they would benefit from adding flaxseed to their diet. The study showed the people mixed between 15 and 45 grams of flaxseed into there cereals, soups, orange juice, and other foods. The study was found that the flaxseed improved kidney functions and limited the scarring of the kidney tissue that goes with the disease.

In Closing

It's proven that flaxseed has many advantages to your lifestyle and overall well being.