Fourth of july

american independence



Fourth of July is upon us and summer is in full swing.  This day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence.  It was only recent back in 1941 when it was actually declared a legal holiday.  Independence Day is synonymous with fireworks and outdoor barbeques.  It is a time to relax and maybe sit pool side and enjoy the company of your friends and family.  What is obviously missed is the sacrifices that have been made to enjoy this great occasion in this nation's history.  

Thomas Jefferson drafted the greatest document known to the United States which is the Declaration of Independence. Of course this also spawned the phrase, "i just need your John Hancock right here," after John Hancock famously signed the Declaration in a massive way.  This man must have been a genius in order to realize that to immortalize himself, all he had to do was sign his name larger than everyone elses.  Talk about "one Uping" everyone.

A little girl was asked recently about what the Fourth of July marked, her response was short and simple, "it is the day of the birth of our nation.''  This response alone is enough to celebrate the greatness of this country.  The memories you make on this day are usually those that you repeat stories of that time you went to the lake, or when the fireworks bag all caught on fire and exploded before even using them.  

This is definitely the time to go to the store pick up some buns, sausage, burgers and put it all on the grill.  It is the time to make sun made tea or ice cold lemonade.  It is also a day to indulge in the simplicities of life and appreciating.  It could also mean just sitting on your couch watching reruns all day long and ordering Chinese Food.  Independence day can may anything and everything to everyone.  What we must not forget is that the we are all in this together and that there is enough room in this country for all of us.  Regardless of creed or ethnicity, there is a place for everyone here to contribute.  Afterall, that is what Jefferson and his "rebels" were declaring, for all to have and to enjoy, "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

It is incredible to think that "americans" were rebels in the eyes of the Great Britain.  A small band of rebels united against a large power and defeated them in pursuit of their dream.  It is a bold statement and reminder that anything can be accomplished with the right amount of spirit.

In the great words of President Whitmore of the movie Independence Day, "Today we celebrate our Independence Day!!"



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