Fourth of July

Fourth of July Activity Ideas!

A lot of people throw parties for the fourth of July. It's a good time to celebrate America and spend time with family and friends, all while enjoying the sunshine! However, you don't want to have the same ideas every year; that will get boring fast. Since children are usually the ones that need to stay occupied, here are a few ideas for children festivities:

Balloon Relay Race

Blow up red, white, and blue balloons and gather together two equal teams of people. Line the teams up in straight lines. Give the first person a balloon and tell them to put it between their legs, passing the balloon to the next person in line with their legs only. That person will take the balloon and pass it to the next person by putting it over their head. That third person will put the balloon between their legs and pass to the next person like that. The game continues until the balloon has passed all the way down the line. If you have a small group, require that the balloon get passed down the line and back again before declaring a winner.

Guessing Game

Fill a large jar with peppermint candy (the red and white striped kind) and decorate it with blue and red ribbon. Have people guess how many candies are in the jar. Remember that you have to count the pieces in the jar before holding the contest! The winner, or the person who comes closest to the number without going over, gets the jar of candy.

Setting off Fireworks

Everyone has their personal favorite type of fireworks and people might have clear ideas of what they want to see and hear. You can play a game to determine who gets to pick the next firework to go off next. You might ask trivia questions about Independence Day or America.

Another idea is to have a dance off. While music plays in the background, each person who really wants to pick the next firework to go off has to dance the craziest, silliest dance they can come up with. Someone who's been designated a judge will decide who won the dance off and that person gets to pick the next fireworks item.

Each person should only get to pick once, unless you have more fireworks than people.

Old Fashioned Games

The 4th of July is the perfect time to play classic games such as "three-legged races", "potato sack races", "kick the can", etc. Also, don't forget about Baseball and Football! Those are always very popular (and i guarantee that the men will join in).

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for a Fourth of July Celebration! Have a Happy 4th of July!