Watch Fox Business Channel, if you're struggling to pin down the right business network that can provide sharp unbiased, business news and analysis in the limited time that you have at your disposal.

Well, millions of business executives all around the globe struggle with the same dilemma. With the ever-increasing profusion of business news channels , it has become tough for executives to choose the right business channel that can do justice to their precious time. In our opinion, Fox Business Channel to some extent resolves this dilemma.

Launched in October 2007, Fox is wholly owned by the Fox Entertainment Group that is affiliated to Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. Based in New York City, the channel in a short span of time has become a viable alternative to CNBC in the business news space.

Possessing an army of experienced anchors which include the likes of Dave Ramsey, Peter Barnes, Tom Sullivan, Jenna Lee, Nicole Petallide, David Asman, Cheryl Casone, Rebecca Diamond, Dagan McDowell, and Stuart Varney, Fox Business offers expert opinion and advice to viewers related to Currency, Commodities & Futures Market, Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds, Live.

Besides this, viewers also get to see special programming that includes in-depth analysis of various industry verticals along with interviews of industry leaders. Offering a whirl-wind tour of world markets Fox Business Live is perhaps the best resource that executives can utilize to update their knowledge about the events happening in the global marketplace.

Some of its popular programmes that consistently register high viewership ratings and have created a niche for themselves in the mindscape of its patrons include:

  • America's Nightly Scoreboard
  • Cavuto
  • Fox Business Bulls & Bears
  • Fox Business Happy Hour
  • Imus In The Morning

Keeping in mind the needs of its viewers, Fox Business Network launched two new programs, 'Countdown to the Closing Bell' and 'Fox Business Bulls & Bears', as part of its initiatives to revamp its daytime live line-up in 2008.

If you are an investment freak and your work requires you to track the movement of stock specific indices like Dow Jones, NASDAQ, S&P then you should watch Fox Business TV Live daily to keep your portfolio in perfect shape.

At present, the key markets for the channel happen to be US and Australia (where it is broadcasted via the Sky News Business Channel). UK, Canada and Italy are markets, where the channel intends to begin its operations and thereby acquired a larger share of the global advertizing spends, made by corporate who perceive news channels to be the perfect media vehicle, to telecast infomercials related to their product or service.

With cut-throat competition on the anvil in this sector, one thing is certain: Business News Programming will never be the same again!