Fragrance for zodiac

Fragrances and Zodiac Signs


No other sign is as self-confident as Aries, this is why women of this sign prefer intense fragrances. Being a sign of fire, Aries is attracted to everything beautiful, elegant and refined. Aries has no patience, so fragrances with a quick and efficient result work best for them. Along with Leos, they are usually the buyers of most extravagant and expensive fragrances. Specialists recommend fragrances with lilac, carnation, juniper, musk, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, geraniums and honey flavors.


As a sign of earth, Taurus woman searches for solitude and stability. She needs a lot of tranquility, also loves home activities. She’s a fan of less expensive but practical fragrances. Simple notes, without any strong and unusual scent, works best for her. Women born under this sign like herbal, fruity and flowery fragrances. They like thin and delicate scents. Jasmine, magnolia, anise, hyacinth, lily, rose, violet, briar, daisy are flavors that Taurus likes.


Two word for this sign: instability and freedom. Always in search for something exciting and new, Gemini women like latest and popular fragrances. They need fragrances for activity, as Gemini sign never rests. They like changing fragrances each day, and sometimes even mix them. Sometimes they choose strong flavors, other times they like something delicate, with touch of orchid, iris, lavender, rosemary, mint, violet, sandalwood, eucalyptus and fir.


Women of this sign experience deep feelings and need a lot of comfort and safety to be relaxed. They often are nostalgic, so fragrances of sandalwood and white flowers are quite welcomed. This sign likes delicate scents. They would gladly use slightly fragrant water, like a summer breeze. Also, as a sign of passion, Cancer women like using feminine fragrances, with a floral flavor. They enjoy notes of jasmine, basil and grapefruit.


Like Aries, Leo loves everything that is en-vogue, classy and unique. This sign can’t live without appreciation or applause, so they like to make a statement with everything they wear, even fragrance. They would never buy something cheap or fake, and they lust for famous brands. This sign loves both sweet and strong flavors. Heliotrope, fir, pine, geranium, rosemary, generally deep and spicy flavors are their favorites.


This sign is delicate like flower. The 2 words that describe this sign are “order” and “simple”. The fragrance of lime and lavender makes Virgo daydreaming. Always aware of latest trends, they choose traditional flavors, nothing exotic or eccentric. Virgo females like to make a childish appearance and sweeten up with a flowery and citric fragrance. They often use the same fragrance for a long time.


Being ruled by Venus, this sign is very attractive and charming. Libra women like fragrances of roses, mint and daisies. They love beauty and balance, without exquisite scents. They avoid excesses and keep their appearance simple. They like flowery and oriental flavors with light and fresh notes.


Women of this sign are chic and passionate. They like experiencing unknown grounds and exotic flavors. Fragrance of jasmine, aloe and geranium are a good choice for them. Some women Scorpio prefer “unisex” fragrances. Sometimes they buy expensive products, with strong and spiced scent. Also, mystical flavor of musk is fitting for Scorpio’s passion.


This sign loves diversity in everything. They love youthful fragrances, so they purchase fresh and citric fragrances. Usually these women pick popular fragrances that make them feel attractive and confident. They like deep flavors of flowers and orient: orchid, lavender, musk, orange, mandarin, roses and rosewood.


Women in Capricorn sign are well balanced, traditional and conservative.  So are their fragrances. These women use their products moderately and only necessary amount, depending on the situation. They have good taste and choose very carefully what they are buying and wearing. They prefer timeless and classy products with feminine touch, that are suitable for any occasion.


Aquarius is a free spirit, always curious for new trends. Like Gemini, Aquarius woman is very lively and always needs to spice up her life. Women of this sign love strong fragrances, sometimes quite eccentric ones. They don’t go after brands, more likely they would use unique products, or even home-made perfumes, because originality is most important to them. They enjoy herbal notes, bergamot, tea tree, rose and orchid scents.


This is the sign that chooses the right fragrance all the time. These women love products of quality and high-class.  Because they are romantics and daydreamers, fragrances of lilies and jasmine will bring up some sensual and profound notes. Pisces love girly and flirty scents. They like attractive flavors of thyme, violet, roses, iris, verbena, lavender.