Frameless Shower Doors

With a touch of elegance and style, frameless shower doors are perfect to give your bathroom a whole new, modern look that is sure to get the attention of guests and family members alike. With the new trend of improved bathrooms with unique and elegant styles, frameless shower doors are sure to be one of the most important elements to include.

The Hot Trend

In home design and renovation, one of the hottest growing trends today is the emphasis on form in a bathroom instead of just function. Bathrooms are now being designed to be beautiful – even breath-taking – and not just practical. Frameless shower door systems are quickly becoming one of the must-have additions to any modern bathroom today, and it's not hard to see why.

If you're used to using plastic shower curtains, they say goodbye to those inflexible sheets of plastic that are restricted only to matching the existing color of your bathroom walls and countertops. Consumers have also bid farewell to frosted sliding or swinging plastic doors framed in cheap aluminum that fade and even corrode over the years. The new and most stunning choices for anyone who wants an up-to-date bathroom - or design a new one from scratch - are frameless shower doors.

Aside from providing elegance and grace to your lavatory, the frameless shower door system is also safe. The glass doors are made from heavy-duty glass, and are thick enough to support the weight of the upper track, or header bar, while also strong enough to withstand most potential impact forces. The frameless glass doors are also tempered. This means that if breakage were to occur, they would break into smooth and small pieces that resemble pebbles or gravel rather than jagged chunks and glass splinters that cause injury. Because this system does not need aluminum supports or frames, the chances of cuts and scrapes resulting from worn or corroded material is eliminated as well.

It is important to note that frameless shower doors are expensive and can cost $400 to the thousands, depending on the area and the size of the glass, while framed shower doors will cost 40% less. However, it is easier to clean and will totally transform any bathroom from drab to fantastic.

The System

A frameless sliding shower door system is one that relies on fixed glass panels to support the main track on which the sliding doors move about. The doors themselves are made of thick glass as well and are bordered with a thick silicone gel which prevents rough edges, eases movement along the tracks, and creates a watertight seal where the doors meet the fixed panel. Acting as both an adhesive and a water sealant, the same gel is used to seal joints where fixed panels meet. If you wish to be more artistic, decorative metal connectors or brackets may also be used in conjunction with the gel to add extra stability where fixed panes are fixed and connected. Any frameless shower door hardware used is then mounted firmly and directly onto the glass.

Types of Frameless Glass Door Systems

There are three types of systems to choose from for your frameless glass door needs. This allows greater flexibility and provides you with more options to choose from that will fit you and your bathroom's style.

Firstly, the most common frameless system is the sliding model. This is used primarily in conjunction with standard bathtubs. On the rim of the tub, a track is mounted where the fixed panels and sliding door are set into. Typically, there are two fixed panes supporting the header bar one of each side of the sliding door. The upper track system for the sliding entrance is built in to the header bar.

Another design of choice perfect for bathrooms containing walk-in shower systems rather than standard tubs is the frameless bypass shower doors. Most walk-in showers are set into a corner, leaving two sides against two walls and two sides exposed. This system consists of the same fixed glass panels mentioned above that encompass the full exposed sides of the shower as well as a door frame design on the remaining exposed side. A glass door is hinged into the frame and designed to create a watertight seal to prevent water from leaking out when closed. As with the sliding systems, the hardware is connected directly to the glass panels and door.

Last but not the least, if your bathroom has a unique layout, custom frameless shower doors are an excellent option. Traditional shower systems are square and can be quite boring. However, customized layouts give you the freedom to spice up the shape – from rectangular to octagonal - and design of your system. This system is also perfect for areas where space is an issue, as in guest bathrooms or master bathrooms. You can also customize your doors with the use of colored or tinted glass, frosted glass or laser-etched glass that feature intricate designs. Frameless shower door hardware can also be fully customized to match any style of room from vintage to modern, to ultra-modern.


If you're tired of that bathroom and wish to redo it, frameless shower doors will never disappoint you. This is the perfect way to add a touch of class and elegance while also maintaining the function and efficiency of your bathroom.