Brazil and France have had some fantastic teams. Their teams have played in eight World Cup finals, and have met a number of times in the cup. In addition to that, they have also played in a variety of additional international fixtures.

1958 FIFA World Cup

The first game they played came at the 1958 FIFA World Cup. Then both Brazil and France had great teams, that scored lots of goals. France's star was that of Fontaine who scored a record number of goals in the 1958. Brazil had the majestic Pele in their lineup, whose goal against Wales had set up the semifinal clash with France.

Within a couple of minutes Brazil went in front when Vava scored. However, France soon equalized when Fontaine ran past the Brazilian keeper and fired the ball into the back of the open net. Shortly before the interval Brazil scored a fantastic second goal from outside the box.

In the second half Pele dominated the match. Brazil scored a third goal when the French goalkeeper deflected a low cross from the left to Pele, who scored from just a few yards off the goal-line. Pele scored two further goals during the match to put Brazil 5 - 1 up with 15 minutes left to play. After the hat-trick France were beaten, but a late French goal within the final 10 minutes made the final score Brazil 5 - France 2.

1986 FIFA World Cup

In the 1986 FIFA World Cup both Brazil and France had world-class players in their teams. France included Platini, whilst among Brazil's stars were Zico and Socrates. Both teams were in form, and reached the 1986 World Cup quarter-finals.

In the France V Brazil quarter-final game the Brazilians took the lead during the first half. A strike from just within France's penalty box put them 1 - 0 up. However, shortly before the end of the first half Platini scored from close range at the far left post when a low cross from the right was deflected.

After the second half the game remained 1 - 1, but Brazil did have a penalty. The French goalkeeper saved the penalty to take the game into extra-time. Neither team scored any further goals during the extra-time period. As such, the game went to a penalty shoot-out which ended France 4 - Brazil 3.

World Cup Final

In the 1998 World Cup Brazil were the champions and France the hosts. Both teams had great players such as Henry, Zidane, Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Having beaten Croatia and Holland in the semifinals, they met in the final game.

The teams played the game at the Stade de France stadium. It was France's first final, and they were the better team for much of the game. During the first half Zidane put the French ahead, and doubled their lead shortly before the interval. Zidane headed the ball into the net after a cross from the corner spot.

They leaded 2 - 0 at the interval, and a late third goal wrapped up a convincing 3 - 0 victory for France. Then it was party time in Paris as France lifted the trophy.

Team lineups for FinalCredit: Image licensed under public domain on Wiki commons.

2006 FIFA World Cup

After a sluggish start in the German World Cup, the French found form during the knock-out stages. They defeated Spain, and took on Brazil in the quarter-finals. The Brazilians had plenty of stars such as Ronaldinho, Kaka and Ronaldo.

In their quarter-final clash with France Brazil's stars had little impact on the game. Zidane and Henry inspired the French team to another great victory. In the second half Henry scored the one goal of the game which was enough to ensure a 1 - 0 triumph en route to the final.

Other Games

Aside from their World Cup games Brazil and France have played in the Confederation Cup. In their Confederation Cup game France were the world champions, and duly defeated Brazil with a couple of goals scored in the first and second half. The Brazilians equalized in the first, but France ran out 2 - 1 winners.

France also took on Brazil in Le Tournoi de France. That included England, Italy, France and Brazil in a four team group, with the winner lifting the trophy. In their match with Brazil Carlos scored a great free-kick from some distance. However, as France later equalized in the second half the game ended 1 - 1.

Overall, the teams have played 13 games[1]. Brazil has won five and France four. In the World Cup France has won the most games.