House of Cards Blackberry Ring Tone - Francis Underwood

If you are after getting the classic & "frankly" rather chilling (no apologies for the pun there) Underwood ring tone on your phone (from House of Cards), there are a range of very simple & quick ways of going about it (note: of course depending on the phone you have, you will have a few different options). Firstly, note that the ringtone you are wanting, from Blackberry is called "Spirit", a pretty appropriate name really.

Note: although I address each type of phone specifically, most of the methods for each phone do cross over, so be sure to check the different models and their methods too.

For those who have an Android phone, by far the simplest way to go about setting up as a text message or ringtone is to go via Zedge (usually as an app or you can go via their website) -- then from the playstore, simply search for "House of Cards" and the ringtone should be the first one you come across. From there, download it and then you will be given a set of options to set it up to however you want it (e.g. for text messages, ring-tone, alarms etc. It shouldn't take you any longer than 5 minutes in all.

Windows Phone users can do a simple MP3 download from the web (such as from, relevant forums & the like, this should be accessible through all phone types), in some cases you can strip the MP3 file from the youtube video below, with a converter online. Then as an MP3 file, like with the android phone above, you are able to set it how you want with regards to how you want the House of Cards ringtone to be played.

iPhone & Apple Devices can use any of the methods above as well as the others can go through either Amazon or Google play to download the file. For the 12 seconds, it will cost you around a $1 (79 pence) as of 2014 June -- then it will get added directly to your iTunes account. You can also go through, where you can get the Frank Underwood ringtone sent directly to your iPhone.

Better still, if you have a friend who has the tone already, you can get them to send it across either via Bluetooth or form them to convert it into an MP3 file for you to mess about with how you want.

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Of course you could actually get the exact phone that Underwood (Kevin Spacey) uses in HoC Netflix series, the Blackberry Bold 9900 (99300) and then will of course already have the ringtone pre-installed. If you don't have a pre - OS 7 Blackberry it may not come with that ringtone, but simply follow some of the steps above designated and you will come across it (even if it means going through iTunes).

If you have any problems getting the Underwood ringtone on your phone, please comment below and I will offer some assistance. Better yet, if you know of a simpler and easier way of getting it downloaded on to your phone to freely use please suggest an alternative method in the comment section just below.