Frank "the Chemist" Zane


Frank Zane’s Measurements – Legendary Proportions

Frank Zane’s measurements represent various achievements in the bodybuilding world. While other competitors focused on big he sought to master the art of perfection. In fact, he made Arnold Schwarzenegger cry. Despite being smaller than other participants his achievements included three Mr. Olympias. The aesthetic body represented a peak in both amount of muscle combined with being admired as a masculine ideal much different from the freakish mass monsters of the time. Symmetry and Proportion characterize the very essence of Frank Zane’s measurements. 

Frank Zane’s Measurements

Arms : 18 inches

Chest : 51 inches

Waist : 29 inches

Thighs : 26 inches

Calves : 16.5 inches

Wrist : 6.5 inches

Neck : 17.5 inches

Ankle : 8 inches

The Grecian ideal has long been a celebrated goal of many bodybuilder. Eugene Sandow, arguably the first bodybuilder, took measurements from various statues to find the formula for proportion. Based on Frank Zane’s measured wrist size his waist matches the formula perfectly. What is more astonishing is that all his other stats are proportionally higher.

The Olympia

Frank Zane’s arms measured at 18 inches during his peak years of contest. Perhaps most astonishing was when he pushed beyond this up to a staggering 19 inches. While his weight fluctuated he consistently was among the top under 200 contestants in his entire career.

The Writings

Frank Zane also wrote a great amount of health and fitness literature. His popular newsletter focuses on muscular development while providing insight into the various training methods of the era. Additionally his posing routing is among the greatest ever saw. Nicknamed “the Chemist” his experimentation resulted in the art and science of sports supplementation greatly expanded under his knowledge.


Eventually Frank Zane opened a retreat which offers personalized training for both bodybuilders as well as those looking for a better body. A home experience is also available where you send your measurements and pictures and Frank will design a workout and diet program for you. The immense experience of three Mr. Olympia victories provides a basis for posing training also.

Frank Zane’s proportioned physique attract admiration for its achievement of a symmetrical ideal. The measurements say a gold standard of aesthetics and perfection. His incredibly low body fat set a new standard that all bodybuilders would follow.